How to Find if Your Spouse Is Cheating on You? 2020

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Is your partner cheating on you? If they’re far away lately, look upon you differently, and barely spends time with you, that can be the case. Usually, the wariness of cheating is not without a source.

However, the moment you have these skepticisms, how you move on from there is very substantial. You may ask your better half concerning it, although we are all familiar with how that works.

Assuming that you don’t succeed, the other choice is to use a monitoring solution to spy on their phone. This way, you can view all their info a little at a time. Whenever your spouse is cheating on you, you can find out in a few minutes with the help of InvestigationHotline.

Part 1: Finding if Your Partner Is Cheating on You with Spyier Solution

It’s common for people in relationships to have variations, depending on various factors. At times, it gets to a point where one losses commitment, and one ends up cheating. Spyier has helped lots of couples learn if their spouse is cheating on them.

Spyier – Best App to Bust Cheating Spouses

Spyier monitoring solution is absolutely the best app and the leader in phone spying business. It’s the most famous hidden and unnoticeable spy app to use and obtain data from both Android and iOS devices.

Even better, you don’t require any programming background or any other technical skills to operate Spyier. It has inbuilt computerized processes that automatically configure data hence a quick and precise setup.

Spyier ensures all data you get syncs to your online account instead of storing it. This helps to secure you from attacks and other malpractices. Whenever you log out, not even professional hackers can find the information.

It has been highly reviewed by the most prominent media outlets, including iGeeksBlog and PCMag, etc. It has millions of users in over 190 countries who rely on this app daily. 

Although Spyier is a well-reputed brand, it has the most affordable prices. To see what it has for you, visit the free android spy apps cheating spouse Spyier website. You will see the demo there.

Part 2: What Can You Achieve with Spyier?

It comes with a bunch of fascinating features on a well-designed, intuitive, and reliable interface. Here are some of the things Spyier can do:

Call Monitor

With the call tracker feature, you can find out why your spouse is always busy on their phone. You get to view their call logs, call numbers, caller identity, call durations, and even record phone calls for proof.


The Keylogger feature keeps track of all keystrokes made by the user. These keystrokes include their usernames, passwords, browser searches, and text messages.

Social Media Monitor

Using the Spyier social media spy feature, you can spy on your partner’s all platforms used.

Each message has a timestamp, details of the sender, and any attached multimedia files. Even better, you can read all the deleted messages and download sent photos and video clips.

Location Tracker

If you want to confirm whether your spouse is at the office, as they say, use Spyier Location tracker. It provides the real-time location of the user. You can also use the geofencing feature that notifies you whenever your partner goes past set perimeters.  

Part 3: How to Find if Your Spouse Is Cheating on You Using Spyier

What You Need to Spy with Spyier

  1. For Android, obtain the targeted device to download and set up Spyier once. It works with OS version 4.0 or above
  2. For iPhones, get the target’s iCloud credentials. Spyier is compatible with iOS version 7.0 to the latest
  3. Devoted internet connection
  4. An active email address

Steps to Finding if Your Partner Is Cheating on You

Step 1: Sign up for a Spyier account using your email address and password. Select the targeted device OS then proceed to pay for a subscription plan.

Step 2: You will receive login details, set up instructions, and a receipt.

2(a)For Android, download and install Spyier app using the sent link. Ensure to activate stealth mode as you wind up installation.

Step 3: For iOS, verify the target’s iCloud ID and wait for it to sync.

Step 4: Finally, re-access your online account. You will see all the useful features of Spyier and the victim’s phone summary on the control panel.

Part 4: Benefits of Using Spyier to Find if Your Spouse is Cheating on You

Curious about what makes Spyier a reputable brand in the spying industry? Here are some of the reasons why Spyier is the leading phone surveillance solution.

  • No device alterations: With Spyier, there’s no rooting or jailbreaking on both Android and iOS devices.
  • Quick installation: Set up takes you less than 5 minutes, and you are ready to start spying.
  • Stealth mode operation: Spyier utilizes the iCloud in iOS, and in Android, it uses stealth mode to remain undetectable.
  • Reliability: No battery drains for both phone platforms. Spyier app for Android is less than 2MB in size. For iOS, it makes use of the iCloud.
  • Web-based Interface: You can remotely monitor your spouse’s phone activities using any web-browser on your PC or phone.
  • Actual time results: All obtained data is displayed on your web-based account as soon as your target updates on their device.
  • Remote uninstallation: With a single click on the control panel, you can uninstall Spyier from your partner’s phone at any time.
  • Budget-friendly: Spyier has no hidden charges that will be charged after acquiring the solution.


In the above article, we have discussed Spyier’s capabilities and seen why it’s the best monitoring tool. We recommend Spyier spying solution since its design is compatible with any web browser. All results can be accessed remotely.

So, do you want to know if your spouse is cheating on you? Use Spyier to hide and get the results in your online account.


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