How Is It Possible to Send Fax from iPhone?

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Those who use an iPhone know that it is not the most compatible kind of gadget. Sometimes, even the most basic of all utilities don’t seem to work on an iPhone. Sometimes even the most coveted Android apps do not tend to work on the iOS. 

iPhones garner a lot of attention because of their sophisticated style and layout. A person who uses an iphone doesn’t go any other way. While the iPhones are so addictive, they are also becoming increasingly popular because of a bunch of additional functionalities they cater to. 

The functionality we would speak about here is the capability to send a fax from iPhone. Yes, you read that right. The sophisticated gadget resting in the palm of your very hands is capable of sending out a fax.

In order to enable your small yet powerful iPhone to act like a fax machine, you need to sign up CocoFax here. As a major online fax service provider, CocoFax is becoming increasingly popular with a lot of major corporations.

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All About CocoFax

CocoFax offers web browser and app based virtual online faxing facilities to its users. The multiplicity of its usage has necessitated a lot of major corporations to get their subscription of the most seamless online fax app.

In just a matter of a few minutes post the subscription, your iPhone will have the capability of being a full fledged fax machine. You wouldn’t have to rely on the outdated fax machine and the pain of turning it on and off as per the requirement.

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CocoFax is Best Suited for your iPhone

iPhones can be tricky for the amount of security restrictions they possess. They also have a lot of compatibility issues with a lot of apps. This leads to frustration in the iPhone users. But when even a picky phone like iPhone allowed online faxing facilities, iOS fans ended up rejoicing in unison. 

Below are the reasons why CocoFax turns out to be the best faxing alternative despite the perennial competition in the field:

a) Superb User Interface

CocoFax offers a very elaborate interface that is immensely convenient to use. Even if you’ve never operated a fax machine in your entire life or are a beginner with technology, you can still perform on CocoFax.

The user interface of CocoFax is so good that it can be used conveniently on desktop or the application. Further, it offers multiple usage options. It can be accessed from multiple devices and the iPhone happens to be one of them. 

b) Email Fax

Almost all of us have emails configured on our phone systems. So, if you use your iPhone for sending and receiving emails, you can use the CocoFax facilities and send a fax directly from your email through iPhone.

For this, all you need to do is just open your email account that is registered with CocoFax on your iPhone. You can start with composing a ‘new message’. Just insert the fax item as an attachment to the  mail.

Even if the mail is subject less or there is no body of email, that is okay. Both these things are not a vital concern over here. All kinds of documents are compatible with CocoFax and can be mailed. .pdf, .docx, .doc, .xls, .xlsx, .png and .jpg are the compatible file kinds that can be attached.

Coming to the recipient fax number, you just need to add the suffix at the end of the fax number. For instance, for a fax number 123456, the email ID would be [email protected]

Here, CocoFax acts like a conversion mode. As you might be aware, faxes work on an analogue telephonic mode and emails work on a digital mode. CocoFax acts like the connecting link and converts the message type to the other desired format. 

Once you have checked and rechecked all the contents of the email, the fax is good to go. All you need to do is just hit ‘send’ and the fax will be received on the desired fax number. As a proof, you would also receive a  delivery notification.

While CocoFax enjoys an impeccable success rate, there are times when the delivery doesn’t happen. This is mostly in cases of humane error or the fax machine not being functional. However, even in the cases of a non delivery, the sender receives an intimation.

c) Delivery Notifications

Delivery and non delivery notifications make the life of the fax sender easier. It is easy to track the status of the fax when received and resend the same when not received. It must also be mentioned that despite the document type attached, the fax is only send out as a pdf. 

The same applies to receipt of emails. CocoFax also offers a free fax number that tends to be your fax identity. Any fax received on the fax number would appear on your email ID like any regular mail.

This process is so convenient and reduces the possibility of hassles created by missing any fax. While one can miss a fax on a fax machine, CocoFax ensures a 100% acknowledged delivery through its set procedures. 

e) CocoFax Account

In addition to the superb services, creating a CocoFax account is a chore worth a few minutes. Yes, that’s all it takes to make your iPhone function like a fax machine. If you are apprehensive about the usage, you can also opt for the 30 day free trial under the application. 


You must have now recognized how easy it is to send a fax from iPhone. Infact, when a stiff piece of gadget like the iPhone allows online faxing possible, the other phones and devices are just a child’s play.

That being said, do not miss out on the opportunity of saving yourself the task of attaining a free fax number. Just sign up CocoFax here and enjoy the sight of selling your old and dated fax machine while you simply fax around from the palm of your hands. 


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