HealthCare Mobile App Development: Types, Trends

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Taking care of your health is one of the basic human needs. Many scientific publications and inventions have been devoted to the topic of health and medicine at all times. It was the desire to create medicines for serious and widespread diseases that led to the flourishing of the chemical industry. it was in the field of pharmacology in the 20th century.

In the 21st century, information technologies are being used for medical purposes and to preserve human health. In particular, web portals for storing data from medical sensors, web applications for telemedicine. As well as mobile applications for collecting and processing information of a medical nature.

Where is Health Information Stored?

Web portals for storing health information are provided by the world leaders in information technology. These are Apple and Microsoft. These are Apple Health and Microsoft HealthVault portals. The strictest requirements are imposed on the storage of medical information. They were included from the state. And corporations are responsible for their reliability, integrity, and confidentiality.

It is important to distinguish medical information from information obtained from fitness trackers. It is entertaining in nature, transmitted by mobile applications to the web portals of fitness tracker developers. or this is the Google Fit aggregator portal. Medical information is subject to more stringent requirements in terms of the confidentiality of information. And here is the security of its processing on the website. And it is in the mobile application of the medical service developer. Therefore, all mobile applications using Apple Health or Microsoft HealthVault services require certification. It’s done on the web portal. And here is required to indicate the details of how the information is collected in the Privacy Policy. Medical mobile applications can be of various kinds, from pill guides to specialized applications. They are working with medical devices.

Mobile Applications for Working with Bluetooth Sensors

HealthCare - Mobile App Development

These are the most high-tech and costly projects. They include both the development of an Android or iOS application. And here is the development of the medical device itself. For example, a blood pressure sensor, pulse, pressure control in an inhaler, or blood sugar level. The information from the sensor enters the mobile phone via Bluetooth. It undergoes initial processing in the application. And then it goes to the developer’s server or to the medical information processing center

An important function of the mobile application is the patient feedback function. In the event that the monitored medical parameters go out of the safe interval, the application informs the patient about this. And in critical cases it can also send an SOS signal. It’s both to the person responsible for the patient’s care and to the ambulance.

Mobile Applications Providing Telemedicine Services

Remote treatment (telemedicine) is a branch of medicine that allows you to save money on examining a patient. It draws up a diagnosis and treatment plan based on analyzes and data provided by the patient himself. In this case, the mobile application development services can provide a reliable connection. It is done between the patient and the attending physician. As well as provide the functions of a health diary and a medical record.

Mobile Apps Diaries

HealthCare-Mobile Apps Diaries

Keeping a health diary that includes daily measurements of temperature, pulse and blood pressure. It is important for the prevention and treatment of many diseases. Since your cell phone is always with you, using the mobile diary app can provide more reliable and timely results. The most popular mobile “diary”, although rather related to health, is the “women’s diary”.

Patient monitoring and care applications

Many people, especially the elderly, are at increased risk of sudden health deterioration. Control over their health is of particular importance. Both for their relatives and for state social services. A mobile application installed on a patient’s cell phone can inform the patient about the need to take medications on time. Healthcare app development services track his location using GPS / GLONASS, and, if necessary, notify social services about the need for emergency help.

Mobile Directories and Catalogs

The most common category of applications in the “Medicine” section is all sorts of reference books. They are based on symptoms of diseases, alternative medicine, on drugs and their analogues. Strictly speaking, there are not so many information technologies in such applications. These are e-books with somewhat advanced search functionality. Despite their simplicity, reference applications have continued to be popular with users.

Availability of Health Applications for Consumers

90% of US mobile healthcare applications remain free to consumers. They are available for free download from the public domain. It should be borne in mind that some of these free applications (about 6%) requirea dditional purchase of devices. They are integrated with these applications. Sometimes these costs can be quite impressive.


Summing up, it should be noted that mobile app development has already expanded the possibilities of self-government. It is used for a large group of people. They care about their health, as well as patients with chronic diseases. At the same time, despite the progress achieved over the past 2 years, mHealth applications, unfortunately, are still far from being applied in the field of medical services.


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