How to Play and Get Started with Ring of Elysium

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Ring of Elysium is one of the Battle Royale games that has us hooked. Not only do you go against fellow players to secure a seat on the helicopter, but you also have to withstand obstacles on the island to survive. And these obstacles can be incredibly dangerous, so surviving is all the more challenging. 

Despite its initial launch in 2018, Ring of Elysium still maintains a wide fanbase because of this extreme gameplay and complex storyline. 

But as complicated as it is, there are ways for you to survive on the island and get on that rescue helicopter. In this article, we will teach you how to play and get started with Ring of Elysium. Once you’re done reading, you’ll be able to face all opponents and obstacles on the island. 

Know Where to Land

Like most survival shooter games, knowing where to land is one of the first steps to surviving the game. 

If you’re a beginner, the golden rule is to avoid crowded landing zones. This will allow you to pick up items and supplies without getting shot or caught in the crossfire. And that already allows you to stay longer in the game. 

Also, it’s important to consider the terrain on the part of the map you land on. Recall the loadout options you have at the beginning and ask yourself whether the supplies will help you survive in that area. Otherwise, survival will be much harder for you. 

As soon as you land, immediately look for a weapon to arm you as you explore the area. Even when you think you’ve chosen the most secluded spots, you should always keep your eyes peeled for a possible attack. 

Another important tip you have to remember is that the Ring of Elysium contains unpredictable weather systems. These dangerous conditions will either kill you on the spot or push you to a safe zone. Either way, you have to look for supplies that will help you prepare for any weather condition. 

Proper Aiming

Since Ring of Elysium is a shooter video game, then it goes without saying that you have to improve your aim to survive. This is not an issue if you’ve played similar video games before. 

But, for beginners, the key is to aim at your opponents’ heads. Doing so often leads to an instant kill, leaving you with enough ammo and a lot of time to run to a safer place. This is because the head is often considered a critical point among the characters. 

For those who still need help with aiming, you might want to add Ring of Elysium aimbot for PC only. This cheat will allow you to hit your intended target with as little effort as possible, and that lands you a sure kill. 

Watch Out for Airdrops

When it comes to playing survival games like Ring of Elysium, your supplies are your best friend. Whether it’s your weapons, food, or survival kits, you have to keep as much of them in your inventory to increase your chance for survival. 

While you can loot in any corner of the map, we also recommend keeping your eyes peeled for Airdrops. These are supplies that descend from the skies and often contain special weapons and similar loot. These aren’t easily obtained while exploring the map, so you know getting one will be to your advantage. 

Prioritize Healing

We have to stress the importance of having enough supplies – especially the healing kits. Each kit allows you to heal to a certain degree, and you can use that when you’re character is recovering. Knowing how much your health recovers will make sure that none of them goes to waste. Thus, hoard on as many healing kits as possible. 

Also, we recommend taking a rest from time to time. This is especially true if you’ve taken a hit. Resting will give you time to apply a bandage to stop the blood loss, which could help speed up your recovery.

Communicate with Teammates

In most cases, you have to work in teams. When that happens, the key to the whole group’s survival is to be constantly in communication with each other. 

By continuously keeping in touch with them, you get to find important locations easier or warn them in case you made a bad turn. But most importantly this is a great way to have your backs and form an alliance to survive on the island. 

So as long as you observe the following tips, tricks, and techniques, you’re sure to thrive in Ring of Elysium – regardless of your playing level. 

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