How to Get a Sponsorship Like a Pro

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There are plenty of skilled occupations available in the UK in Tier 2 companies in various domains like IT, Teaching, Healthcare, and Accountancy, etc. You need to get a job in any of those companies to be eligible as a foreigner to live and work in the UK. Once you secure a job, the company will provide you a certificate of sponsorship (CoS) as evidence that you qualify for the particular job position and can perform the work you are hired for.

You should apply to many companies to find sponsorship in the UK, as it is not a cakewalk to secure a Tier 2 Visa. It is advised to take expert guidance from the best immigration solicitors in the UK to get a sponsorship.

Time Required to Get a Tier 2 VISA in the UK

If you are applying for the Tier 2 visa in the UK from outside, then you may apply 3 months before the date of your joining the company based in the UK. You may get the decision on your visa application within 21 days. In case your visa is granted, then you can find the resumption date for the same in your certificate of sponsorship.

sponsorship uk visa

Validity of Tier 2 VISA in the UK

The Tier 2 visa in the UK remains valid for 5 years at the max, or, for the time frame mentioned in the work contract. In case the time mentioned is more than 5 years you need to follow the required process for sponsor license renewal well in advance. You can check this on your certificate of sponsorship. You can enter the UK 14 days before the date of joining mentioned in your certificate of sponsorship.

Tips to Get a Sponsorship Like a Pro

The number of foreign professionals and students looking for a sponsorship in the UK is increasing day by day and hence becoming more tedious to secure a Tier 2 visa. Following are a few tips to achieve the same like a pro,

Step#1-Early Application

Most renowned companies having sponsor license recruit graduates as their future employees a year before their joining. So, it is advised to apply well in advance to secure a job in any of the graduate schemes offered by a reputed organisation.

Step#2- Know Your Target Industry

The options are limited as only a few industries face skill-shortage from local resources. The biggest sponsoring industries include investment banking, engineering, professional services, financial services, and law. Among these domains, investment banking and professional services accept applications from all educational backgrounds.

Know Your Target Industry for Sponsorship

Step#3- How to Find Reputed Tier 2 Companies

Following are the most effective ways to search for Tier 2 companies in the UK,

  • Search on a trustworthy job site like CV-Library.
  • Search for vacancies online in the top two sponsoring industries mentioned in the above step.
  • Make sure to crosscheck the sponsor license compliance report of these companies by visiting the website of the Home Office.

Step#4- Get Familiarise with the Job Application Process in the UK

There are generally six stages in any job application process in the UK, namely: Submission of application form and CV, Tests conducted online, Interview via video conference, assessment center, and the final round of interview. It is essential to get prepared for each stage separately to secure a job in these companies.

Step#5- Wise Time Management

It is a hard task to balance between final year studies and manage job applications. It is advised to keep two hours per day separately for sending applications and getting yourself prepared for the rest of the stages of the recruitment process.

Hope this article helps you to get an overall idea about securing a Tier 2 visa in the UK. Wish you all the luck for getting your sponsorship in the UK.

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