Gears TV APK Download and Install for Android Devices

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Gears TV APK is one of the phenomenal services that creates and brings exciting content to entertain its valuable users. It is basically an app that provides live streaming from Amazon Devices.

The Gears TV APK is now put for their users so that they can easily subscribe to it and get them done with their installation procedure. If you are one of those, then you are exactly in the right place.

Gears TV APK is now ready to entertain you. Don’t waste your time, download and install in your smartphones in an easy and simple way. Here I am going to mention the procedure by which you will be able to download and install Gears TV APK in your android devices.

The procedure for downloading and installing Gears TV APK does not demand much technicalities. All you have to do is to simply download an app named Gears TV APK and then install it. 

Once you are done with the installation procedure. After installation, you have to launch the app and then simply login into your app. As you log in, here you go you are ready to watch your favorite movies right away and enjoy.

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The best thing about Gears TV APK is that it lets you enjoy your favorite movies without any kind of interruption. Gears TV APK is simple a bundle of joy and fun. An interface of this app names Gears TV APK is very much easy and user-friendly. 

The app does not come up with so many Ads, you can easily watch your movies without getting irritated by ads and skipping it again and again. 

Gears TV APK comes with many categories so people having different choices in movies and stuff like that can enjoy their favorite movies on Gears TV APK. The Gears TV APK has multiple series of mentioned below categories.

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The names of the categories are as given below:

  1. Comedy.
  2. Horror.
  3. Action Movies.
  4. Love.

Gears TV APK has awesome movie collection of mentioned above categories. The app provides you to watch movies in HD Quality. 

Here I am going to mention some important things that every Gears TV APK user must know:

  • The App Name is Gears TV APK.
  • Its download size is round about 84.2.
  • Its version is 3.1.14.
  • Its compatibility for Android device is 4.1 or above.
  • Its feature includes Movie Streaming and TV shows.
  • GearsTV is the package name of Gears TV APK.

Use of Gears TV APK on multiple Device:

Now you can use Gears TV APK on many devices. It can only be used on multiple devices by using its Gears TV APK account.

VPN for Gears TV APK:

When it comes to the selection of VPN, you always wish to select the best VPN for Gears TV APK in order to have its best-ever functionality. 

IPVanish is one of the best VPN for GEars TV APK.

Recording of Movies With Gears TV APK:

Here is an exciting feature In Gears TV APK by which you can record all your favorite movies right at the moment when you are watching them. By the help of this recording feature, you can watch your favorite movies anytime anywhere.

Connection of Gears TV APK:

You can now connect your Gears TV APK with your smartphone easily. Simply by installing VPN named IPVanish. By the help of this VPN, you can now connect your smartphone with Gears TV APK. 

Now I am going to mention the process by which you can easily download Gears TV APK on your android device.

How To Download Gears TV APK on your Android Device In Easy Way:

Mentioned below are the steps by which you can easily download Gears TV APK in your android device:

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  1. Go to the Settings Option.
  2. Go to the Security and Restrictions.
  3. Now turn on Unknown Resources.


  1. Go to Google Play Store.
  2. Click on the Search Bar that is located on the left corner at the top.
  3. Now type the Downloader.
  4. Scroll to the Right Side of it.
  5. Click On the Download App.
  6. Now Open.


  1. Click on the URL.
  2. Now enter
  3. Now click Go.
  4. Now Install.
  5. Done.
  6. Delete.
  7. Delete.


  1. Click on the browser on your left side.
  2. Click OK.
  3. Now Click on the URL that is on the top of it.
  4. Now Hit Enter.
  5. Now type (Case Sensitive, Capital G and T, GearsTv.apk.
  6. Now hit Next.


  1. The page begins to load.
  2. Three options will appear in front of you.
  3. Now click on GearsTV_Master-release-arm.apk.
  4. Now Hit Install.
  5. Now Open.


  1. Now open Gears TV APK.
  2. Now go to the Settings option.
  3. Now go to Apps.
  4. Now go to Gears TV.
  5. Now go to Clear Cache.
  6. Now Open it.


  1. Clear the Cache.
  2. Launch the application.

NOTE: Try clearing your cache before launching any of the application.

Now I am going to mention the process by which you can easily install Gears TV APK on your android device

Mentioned below are the steps by which you can easily Install Gears TV APK in your android device:


  1. Swipe down from the top area.
  2. Click on the Setting Gear.


  1. Turn on the Unknown Sources.


  1. Click on the Home Button.


  1. Go to the Browser.
  2. Open the APK download above.
  3. Now Install.
  4. Open.


  1. You are in the Gear Launcher.
  2. Tap Gears TV APK.
  3. Click Update.
  4. Click Install.


  1. Click back on the Gears TV launcher.
  2. Now click on the Stream.
  3. Now Update.
  4. Now Install.


  1. Now Open the Gears TV APK.
  2. Now Stream in an App Launcher.
  3. Now go to Home.
  4. Now Login.
  5. Create a Username.
  6. Enter Password.
  7. Confirm Password.
  8. Click Enter.
  9. You are Done with it.

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