ExtraTorrents Proxy List For 2019 – 100% Working Proxies

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Extratorrents is considerably one of the biggest oldest torrent websites there is. It was rated as the 2nd most popular torrent site in 2019 because of its fresh content update. In the torrent ecosystem, it is most loved by those who like to download files, movies, music, and games using the P2P file-sharing method.

Extratorrent website is a highly reliable website. You can download using the P2p protocol or torrents. However, due to government regulations, the extratorrent website was blocked and is still blocked in some countries with strict regulations. Lucky enough, the creators of the websites to counter and unblock extratorrents designed a number of proxies and mirrors. Users can utilize these mirrors and proxies to download anything they deem even when the website is blocked.

In this article, I have listed some of the extratorrents unblock proxies and mirrors that work 100%. You can use these proxy mirror sites to download any content you want from the internet. Ranging from music to movies to games, absolutely free of charge.


  • Advanced search functionality. By just typing on the search bar, you can find anything you would have typed in.
  • Has magnet links and torrent files for movies, games, and software 
  • Have high-quality torrents and a website that is user-friendly
  • Simple and easy to use design. Content is greatly spread through concise categories and subcategories
  • Has an article section that provides the latest news and articles
  • Requires no internet connection to load
  • You can download anything for free from the internet

Extratorrents Unblock Proxy list 2019

Listed below are some of the extratorrent proxy and mirror sites for unblocking the torrent site. These sites have been tried and tested and are 100% guaranteed to work.


For security reasons, the extratorrent unblock proxy list mentioned above acts as intermediate servers that you can utilize to hide your IP address. That way, it will be much easier to access the website without enabling the destination website to track you.

Alternatively, from countries were torrent sites are not allowed like U.S.A, India, and China to name just a few. You can simply use a software called VPN to unblock extratorrents.


  1. Download a VPN software
  2. Select a server from another country
  3. Select any of the extratorrent proxies listed above

NB* we do not encourage that you utilize torrent sites noted here to download copyright-protected content, these links are just for informational purposes. Failure to compile might result in you getting arrested or sued for piracy.


  • Proxies and mirrors give you access to the content that you require
  • Offers access to a wide range of links and opportunities 
  • Content can quickly be downloaded
  • The virtual private network makes it easy for you to quickly and easily access the content you require especially in instances you experience blockages 


  • In some countries gaining access can be difficult, it all depends on the structure of the ISP you use
  • The original extra torrent website shutdown in 2017, as a result of trying to find a reliable site that offers the same features can be a difficult task.
  • On the same note, verifying the legitimacy and safety of the downloads can prove to be difficult as a lot of clone websites appear almost daily.
  • Some of these sites after a while will start redirecting to a parked domain, a blank page or a stalled browser.
  • Another weakness is that the mirror or proxy sites encourage you to utilize VPNs for security and to protect your information. But they apparently expose ownership of the information by not creating a secure registry.

In conclusion, extratorrent unblock proxies and mirrors are considered one of the best sites you can use to download movies, music or games free of charge. However, the authenticity of these sites is very much questionable as some do not work 100%.

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