The Need For Extra-Curricular Activities Along With Studies

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Extracurricular activities are integrated into most colleges and are available to all students. Even though they are available, they are optional and are not included in your required courses. Some examples of these extracurricular activities include social clubs, student government, internship, volunteering, and so many others. 

In this article, you’ll find out the few most popular choices for extracurricular activities and we will discuss how these extracurricular activities are beneficial to students in our Hong Kong Singapore International School. Based on our research, we have a list of the five most popular extracurricular activities chosen by students. These extracurricular activities include: 

– Sports Teams. 

– Theater Clubs. 

– Model United Nations. 

– Business Development Groups. 

– Volunteering. 

The Benefits of Extracurricular Activities to Education 

Many people tend to ignore the importance of taking part in extracurricular activities as some of them see it as a distraction to their grade target, especially International students. But I bet to differ, which is the reason behind this article. Below are some of the benefits of extracurricular activities to students

1. Cultural Integration

Cultural Integration is common with international students or students who are not conversant with a particular culture where they find themselves. It becomes a shock to them on their first arrival. If such a student gets involved in extracurricular activities, it can help them to adjust to the culture with ease, thereby overcoming the feeling. 

Students who get involved will be introduced to cultural experiences that are not necessarily shared in the classroom. Also, you can meet and connect with friends who share the same interests as you. Casual acquaintances can help you to learn about cultural customs and even help you practice if it is a custom that needs practice. They can also answer your questions you may have about their culture or university. 

2. Social Skills

extracurricular activities along with studies
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Building a relationship is a big challenge for most students especially when they move to a new environment. However, this notion can change when students get involved in extracurricular activities. 

Social skills platforms will help students to meet new people who might share the same or different ideas with you that you can easily connect with. As a result, it will improve your ability to socialize with people. 

Also, as a result of getting involved in extracurricular activities of such, you can find career opportunities after graduation easier. 

3. Building Your Résumé

Another exciting benefit of extracurricular activities is that it helps you to build a good résumé. Having a good résumé is vital as it will enhance your chances of getting the job you so much desire. Below are reasons why you are vital: 

– It gives your employer an idea of you and what you’re concerned about. 

– Aside from your good grades in school, it will teach you how to manage your time at any given time. 

– It shows that you can easily fit into a working environment upon graduation. 

– It gives you an edge over other résumés in a job application setting. 

Involving yourself in extracurricular activities will improve your overall skills and add more personality to you, making you perfect for a job description. Also, it gives you an edge in terms of the working experience that most employers seek. 

4. Earning Career Experience

Extracurricular activities will equip you with skills such as time management, teamwork, interviewing skills, leadership skills, and so on. Just as we mentioned, employers are on the lookout for working experience aside from grades, and getting involved in extracurricular activities provides you with such a platform. 

extracurricular activities along with studies
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We are aware that international students are limited on what they can pursue because it’s a student visa, however, they can still get involved in internships or work-study assignments. Also, volunteering can help you hone the skills that will help you fit into a working environment after graduation with ease. 


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