7 Great Examples of Creative Marketing

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In the world of marketing, creativity is key. Creative marketing strategies can help to build brand recognition, attract new customers, and grow your business. Creative marketing tools can be extremely simple: ranging from simple materials and pieces of content to huge full blown campaigns.

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Here are 7 excellent examples of creative marketing for inspiration!

  1. WWF’s “Give a Hand to Wildlife” 

The World Wildlife Fund launched a simple yet extremely effective and creative campaign with its “Give a Hand to Wildlife”. This campaign used clever wordplay with stunning images of wild animals painted on the side of a hand, promoting their work to protect vulnerable species. They also invited people to share their own hand art on social media, with thousands of users getting involved.

Extremely versatile, the renowned environmental organisation could roll out multiple versions of the ads with different animals, following up the tiger with elephants and zebras. This allowed them to get plenty of mileage out of one great idea without it becoming stale. The beauty of this campaign is that it is not only creative but perfectly on brand.

  1. Jet Blue’s “The Ultimate Icebreaker”

Jet Blue promoted their flights to the warm destination of Palm Springs from New York by creating a six foot by six foot ice block on a busy New York Street in the dead of frosty winter. Instead the block they placed summer accessories from flip flops and a beach wear to sports equipment, and told New Yorkers that everything was up for grabs, as long as they chipped away at the ice with whatever they had with them.

Along with offering the accessories themselves as prizes, they also offered free tickets to Palm Springs. This creative and fun tactic gained plenty of attention to the brand and online buzz, not only making people aware of the new route, but making them picture themselves on the sunny beaches of Palm Springs.

  1. LEGO’s “For Every Imagination”

LEGO has long been known for their creative advertising and marketing campaigns. Their ads are so intriguing to customers that people have actually been known to watch video ads promoting LEGO. Their “For every imagination” campaign features creative LEGO constructions that spring to life. This campaign was so successful not only for its innovative approach and beautiful artwork, but also because it taps into the childlike sense of wonder that we all have in us, and makes people think about their own happy childhood memories with the product. 

  1. Coca Cola’s “Small World Machines”

Coco Cola is a legend when it comes to marketing, and has produced many creative and effective campaigns over the years. However, they truly excelled themselves when it came to their “small world machines” campaign, an exception example of experiential marketing.

Rolled out in 2013, Coca Cola created a series of “small world machines” in the major cities of New Delhi, India and Lahore, Pakistan. These machines have built-in cameras that gave live, face-to-face interactions between users in the two different countries. They aimed to repair strained relationships between the two countries through virtual interaction, while promoting the soft drink company at the same time. 

  1. Google’s Cryptic Billboard

Another major brand who takes a creative approach to marketing is search engine giant Google. In 2004, they launched a creative marketing campaign that garnered plenty of attention, starting with rather cryptic billboards. The billboards had a simple mathematical puzzle, “{first 10-digit prime found in consecutive digits of e}.com” and nothing else – no mention of Google.

Those in the know worked out that they needed to go to, where they were given another challenge. Finally, if they completed this challenge they would gain access to Google Labs, where they’d receive a message inviting them to apply for a position at Google. This very niche and highly creative campaign gained a lot of buzz in the mathematical and engineering community, and brought the best engineering minds to Google’s door – a very interesting way to start a recruitment drive!

  1. McDonalds Angry Birds Mini-Game

There are countless ways to promote your brand, as McDonalds demonstrated when they launched an AR mini-game to coincide with the release of the Angry Birds movie. This campaign very effectively showed how brands can use alternative mediums to engage with their audience, in this case with an AR (augmented reality) mini-game.

The campaign was so effective because it was completely spot on for their target audience, the young generation. The game reached their audience through a medium they are familiar with, video games, in a cutting edge and exciting form, AR.

  1. Gillette’s “We Believe: The Best Men Can Be”

Rounding off this list is Gillette’s “We believe: The best men can be” campaign. This 2019 campaign played off the brand’s long-standing and well-established slogan, “The best a man can get”. However, it did so in a way that addressed the concerns of the prevalent #MeToo movement and ideas of toxic masculinity. All of this was executed with powerful messaging and beautiful cinematography. The combination of building on established branding but with a modern twist that tied back to contemporary issues in a sensitive way was a winning one.


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