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The dreams of many gamers about the possibility of monetizing the gaming experience have been best embodied in blockchain games. One of them is The Sandbox, in which game content creators and gamers create their own virtual worlds, filling them with unique artifacts and other objects. The Sandbox world economy is based on the SAND game currency.

SAND is traded on real cryptocurrency exchanges and is available for purchase with well-known cryptocurrencies and stablecoins. Want to learn more about crypto> See this article about: what is ama in crypto

Features of the Sandbox platform

Functionally, The Sandbox combines the features of a content exchange site, a game engine and the game itself. Objectively, the platform can be both a prototype of a new generation of games and a prototype of more advanced game platforms on the blockchain. Currently there are 3 products available on the platform:

  • VoxEdit is a 3D editor that allows you to create and animate objects with voxel graphics. Using VoxEdit, users equip their location, creating buildings, equipment, their own characters and any items necessary to develop their own world.
  • A set of Game Maker tools and templates. Game Maker is designed to transform locations into full-fledged games with complete scenarios and game levels.
  • Marketplace is a platform for buying and selling content, including access to testing games of other users.

There are three types of tokens available on the marketplace:

  • SAND, a fungible token used as in-game currency.
  • ASSETS – avatars, household items and objects for various purposes for arranging locations. Technically, these are non-fungible tokens and the creators of ASSETS retain copyright for life.
  • LAND – land plots for the placement of real estate and other items to create full-fledged game levels. A virtual land plot can be sold, bought or leased.

Non-fungible tokens are created using the ERC-721 and ERC-1155 protocols. However, their full exchange is still under development.

What is SAND

The SAND token is technically an ERC-20 token and is powered by the Ethereum blockchain. SAND is a game currency and a cryptocurrency at the same time. Therefore, it has much more functions than typical in-game currencies:

SAND owners get the right to participate in the management of the site by voting on important decisions.

  • Tokens are used in the processes of creating and exchanging content for the purchase of locations, objects, etc.
  • Access to paid locations hosted on the platform.
  • Staking. It should be noted that this does not create new coins, the reward is paid as a percentage of transaction fees.

That is, gamers and game developers can make money on their favorite pastime, since SAND connects all game processes into a single system. The platform is not among the best crypto nodes to run due to its very narrow specialization.

SAND is traded on real cryptocurrency exchanges and is available for purchase with well-known cryptocurrencies and stablecoins.

Where to buy SAND for Ethereum

eth to sand conversion

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SAND is listed on Binance, Kucoin, Okex, Bittrex and several other exchanges. To buy SAND for ETH, you need to choose a platform where the corresponding cryptocurrency pair is supported.

If you are not yet a customer of this exchange, you will need to create an account and verify your identity. After replenishing your balance, you will be able to create an order to buy SAND.

It is much easier and faster to exchange ETH to SAND on LetsExchange. Cryptocurrency exchange is available without registration and KYC. In addition, the platform works without restrictions on the amount of the deal and the number of swaps, as well as without commissions.


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