Top 6 Books to Enhance Your Preparation for the Salesforce Marketer Credentials

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A marketing department is an important unit of any organization. Marketing allows a company to know what its customers need. Information collected from customers informs the products and services a company develops. Further, the marketing department reaches out to customers about the availability of such products for consumers to buy. Most if not all companies recognize the importance of marketing and are investing in marketing solutions to support their sales teams. One solution which companies subscribe to is a Software as a Service (SaaS) tool, provided by Salesforce, that supports the responsibilities of a marketer online. These companies need Salesforce Marketing specialists to handle this technology. A company will easily hire you if you have the Salesforce Marketer credentials. Fortunately, we are going to talk about this category of Salesforce certifications and the books that can help you prepare for its associate exam. 

General Description of the Salesforce Certs

The Salesforce certifications equip you with the knowledge of the Salesforce software for Customer Relations Management and Marketing, among other things. There are different options of credentials you could choose based on the role of your interest. The job roles available for you are:

  • Salesforce Consultant;
  • Salesforce Architect;
  • Salesforce Administrator;
  • Salesforce Developer;
  • Salesforce Marketer.
  • SalesForce Admin Exam Dumps

Keep in mind that these positions include certain certs. You can earn these badges through training and taking exams related to them. Remember that today our focus is on marketing and according to the vendor, there are 6 badges under the Salesforce Marketer job role such as the Marketing Cloud Administrator, Certbolt SalesForce Dumps , Marketing Cloud Developer, Marketing Cloud Specialist, Pardot Consultant, and Pardot Specialist.

Thus, let’s look at the six books that can help you ace your Sales Marketer badges. Then, we will talk about one of the Salesforce Marketer certs and its exam in the last bit of this article.

Six Books for Anyone Seeking a Salesforce Marketer Badge

Getting any Salesforce cert needs you to put some time into your exam preparation. Books are excellent prep resources. Here are six of the best Salesforce Marketer study guides for you. So, let’s see what each of these books encapsulates before starting your revision.

  • Salesforce Marketing Cloud for Newbies by Chester Bullock and Mark Pollard

Digital marketing is the most prevalent nowadays. Using this study guide equips you with the knowledge to apply Salesforce digital marketing tools. This book allows you to plan, craft, and customize your users’ journey. It is a product of the best Salesforce trainers, who are the authors of this book.

  • Programming Salesforce Marketing Cloud by Zhongchen Zhou

Salesforce Marketing Cloud is an important marketing tool. To make the most of this cloud solution, you need to have the ability to use APIs and create customized components for your business’ marketing needs. Programming Salesforce Marketing Cloud equips you with skills such as Custom Journey Builder Activity and API integration Visit Now

  • Salesforce Marketing Cloud: Complete Guide by Gerardus Blokdyk

This book is another Salesforce Marketer exam prep book you will like. Using this study guide will make you a fluent Salesforce Marketer. After utilizing the book, you can reduce Marketing Cloud costs and become effective in implementing marketing plans. Moreover, it makes you a better marketing consultant to your business and those working under you. Lastly, there are practical tools for self-assessment to gauge your readiness for Salesforce Marketer assessments.

  • Introduction to Salesforce for Marketing (SPMA-101): Class Slides & Exercises by Jeremy White, Steve Wasula, and Stony Point

This study guide is a good introduction to Salesforce Marketing and gives you a basic overview of ExamLabs Salesforce. When preparing for your exam(s), this book helps you manage marketing campaigns and leads. The book also checks your ability to create and use list reports and views, among other practical skills the Salesforce Marketing assessments evaluate.

  • Teach Yourself VISUALLY Salesforce by Justin Davis and Kristine Curington 

This is the perfect preparation resource if you are a visual learner. This book encapsulates screenshots and step by step instructions to make your exam preparation quickly. The book is a general Salesforce guide and helps you get some knowledge on customer relationship management.

  • for Dummies (Business & Personal Finance) by Liz Kao and Jon Paz

This comprehensive Salesforce book is important in the way you view your customers. The authors of this study guide are Salesforce insiders in Customer Relationship Management. Using this book gives you an edge on sales, customer service, support, and marketing operational knowledge you will need in your exams.

Now that you are aware of the books you need to prepare for your Sales Marketer tests, we are going to take you through basic information about the Salesforce Marketing Cloud Administrator badge and its test in the next section visit .

Basic Information About the Salesforce Marketing Cloud Administrator Cert & Exam

The Salesforce Marketing Cloud Administrator credential is proof that you can configure marketing cloud products using industry best practices. To earn this cert, you must pass the relevant assessment. However, to take the Salesforce Marketing Cloud Administrator exam, you also need to be able to carry out administrative functions in the Salesforce Marketing Cloud. Features and skill areas tested include organizational and user setup, subscriber data control, channel management, maintenance, and digital marketing mastery. 

Since you know what this exam requires, there go the necessary details about this test that you need to take into consideration:

  • There is no prerequisite requirement, however, you are recommended to take the prep course. 
  • The exam duration is 1 hour 45 minutes.
  • The test contains 60 multiple choice tasks.
  • Registration for the exam costs $200 plus other mandatory taxes.
  • The accreditation pass mark is 67%.
  • You will deliver the exam online or onsite (both of these are proctored test surroundings).
  • Note that if you retake your assessment, it will cost you $100 only plus any relevant taxes. 

Overall, the Salesforce Marketer badges including the Salesforce Marketing Cloud Administrator can get you an annual income of $85,627 as was estimated by the vendor.


The role of making yourself indispensable in the marketing industry remains yours. All you need is possessing any of the Salesforce Marketer badges. Enroll for the certification to your liking, take the necessary exam, and start enjoying a big salary! And don’t forget to make use of the best study guides that will help you achieve your Salesforce Marketer badges with ease!


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