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Delta extranet is an internal online website tailor-made specifically for Delta Airlines employees, retirees and business partners.

Summary of Solution

This online portal aids Delta Airlines to manage its employees considering the fact that it employs over 260,000 people.  On this portal, employees also get to access and manage personal and company information with ease. The deltanet website not only provides information but it also supports a wide range of roles, functionality, and content.

This website is easy to navigate even for new employees. Moreover, it has attractive content and easy to use interface which is user-friendly. In order to access the delta extranet website, you have to create an account and login. With a dlnet account, you can easily explore and access all Delta Airlines features. Down below is a step by step guideline on how to create and login into a dlnet account.

How to Open a dlnet Account

Opening a Delta Extranet account is simple. It is not difficult at all. All you have to do is follow the simple guidelines and your client account will be up and running in no time at all.

Step 1

Enter the Delta Extranet web address onto your address bar. The website address is When you have entered the address simply click on the search button. Which will take you directly onto delta extranet official home page?

Step 2

Choose and click on the “Trouble Signing In” option

Step 3

Since you are new to Delta, on this stage you click on the “new to delta button”

Step 4

The last stage, onto the Delta Login Self Service page, you have to enter your PPR. If you do not have one you can simply request it from your HR manager. After you have entered your PPR, you now have to create your own password for your account. Please note that your password has to be strong and be something you know because you will use it regularly. When you have created your password and submitted the information, your account will be officially up and running.

Delta Extranet login

deltanet extranet login guide

Delta extranet is a top-notch high-performance website. On this website, you could either use your desktop, laptop or smartphone to log in. Additionally, the login process is simple and straightforward. It doesn’t take time at all. Here are the steps you have to follow to login into your account using whichever device you want.

Step 1

Click on your address bar on your web browser. Enter the or website address. When you are done typing out the web address, simply click on the search button. Any of these two links will direct you to the Delta extranet landing homepage. If you are utilizing your smartphone you will automatically be readdressed to Delta Employee mobile version portal. This portal is very much similar to the desktop or laptop portal.

Step 2

On the client login menu page, on the username space provided, enter your 9 digit Delta User ID or PPR number.

Step 3

Just down below on the space provided, enter your password. Cross-check all the information before submitting it, to ensure that you have entered the correct details.

Step 4

The final stage, when all the information has been entered simply click on the login button and you will be successfully logged in into your Delta account.


With a Delta extranet account, you will be able to access all employee benefits that Delta Airlines has to offer. These benefits range from health benefits to travel privileges. Here are some of the benefits that employees can acquire.

  • With a client account, you can easily access information about your working hours at any time and anywhere. This is ideal especially for flight attendants as they can easily manage their schedules. In addition, they do not necessarily have to go to the office to do that. They can easily access that information online.
  • Company information and update can easily be accessed directly from your account.
  • From your account, you can create and check your Direct Deposit Details. Moreover, you can get your salary and check your bank balance from your client account. There is no need to go to the bank or office. Delta has a profit program, in order to be part of this program you have to an account.
  • For 30 days of service, they offer you full program guidelines on rent. Additionally, after the 30 days of service, you will acquire travel benefits. The best thing about this is that you get the chance to travel and fly on Delta Airlines to any destination of your choice.
  • They offer medical coverage which comprises of dental and vision coverage. Furthermore, with an account, you get to be part of the employee assistance program which focuses on employee’s emotional and mental wellbeing.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Delta Extranet?

Delta Extranet is an online portal that was created for Delta employees by Delta Airline. The sole purpose of this website to manage employees and also provide them with information. On this platform employees also get to access a number of benefits that Delta has to offer.

When login what are some of the tips to take note of?

To log in with ease, it is recommended that you use web browsers like Google Chrome or Mozilla. You also have to choose an internet network that has good signal strength. That way you will have no difficulties login. Additionally, take note of your password when creating your account because that password is the same password you have to use when logging into your account.

In conclusion

Delta extranet is one of the best websites that cater to its employees. To experience all the benefits that this portal has to offer, it is recommended that employees create a client account and log in regularly to get updates and also have access to the privileges Delta Airlines offers to its employees.


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