5 Ways to Deal With Computer Fatigue

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There doesn’t exist a person (we don’t take into account African tribes) that doesn’t use a computer. Our daily lives consist of having conversations with families, friends, colleagues via emails, Zoom, Facebook; scheduling meetings and coping with work deadlines; shopping at Farfetch, watching Game of Thrones, and reading the New York Times. As a rule, those things are performed with the help of a computer. Such a rich choice is a positive side.

However, there is the other side to the coin. All the computer time harms us: pain in shoulders due to bending over the keyboard, wrists hurt from using the mouse, legs feel like a piece of wood, and eyes are red and dry. There are two words to summarize those things: computer fatigue syndrome. 

If you experience the above-mentioned, it is time to make your body and laptop friends for functioning in harmony. Here, there are 5 ways to cope with computer fatigue.

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Purchase a Nice Chair

Some people take it seriously when it comes to choosing a chair for work. They are right! In case you spend all day long sitting at the computer, you should feel comfy. The right model of a chair will help you to forget about computer fatigue. A perfect chair should have armrests that fit the 90-degree angle, a flexible part for your back, and a soft seat (predominantly made of eco-friendly materials).

Such a chair is not only a key recipe to prevent computer fatigue, but it also ensures a healthy blood flow.

Support Your Eyes with Glasses or Contacts

Work at the computer is one of the key factors that trigger problems with eyesight. A solution is to purchase screen fatigue glasses which are represented at online retailers. You may find glasses at muunel website. Such glasses are covered with a specific coat to keep light and glare from dazzling your eyes while looking at the display.

Ophthalmologists recommend using the above-mentioned glasses for patients who suffer from eye fatigue and headache that come from regular work at digital devices.

One more thing regarding healthy eyes should be mentioned. To avoid fatigue, don’t forget to blink regularly. When you do things like editing a Word doc, this takes all your attention and you peer at the screen without blinking. This is the reason that your eyes lack moisture which leads to blurry vision. Here, eye drops will help you. Additionally, make a habit to see an ophthalmologist yearly to be sure that the health of your eyes is under control.

Arrange Appropriate Lighting

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, most probably, you work from home. To get rid of computer fatigue, check the light in the room you get used to working in. The light shouldn’t be too bright. Aggressive sunlight as well as fluorescent light over the table you work at will make your eyes strain as they make effort to perceive info from the display. A good option is to use curtains to soften the light and arrange halogen bulbs.

Make Correct Settings for Display

While reading this article, go to the settings and check the level of brightness of your display. The last pre determines whether your eyes will experience fatigue or not. A lower brightness will minimize the intensive light coming from the screen.

Nowadays, there is a wide range of dictation software that will help users to stare at the display for a minimum period. You just articulate sentences and the computer types them. Some software (for instance, Read-Aloud) reads things on the display (both in Word and PDF) aloud for users. Those solutions enable reducing computer fatigue.

Drink Water

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Healthy water balance in your organism prevents eye strain. When we work at the computer 24/7, we frequently ignore drinking enough water (coffee and tea don’t count, ok?). In case you work remotely, you should always keep several bottles of water on the table and periodically take a few sips.


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