Crypto Exchange Platforms What is it and How to Use

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When you want to perform BTC to LTC exchange, you usually apply to a crypto converter. If you’re a beginner in this area and have no idea how to use such kind of service, this content will be extremely useful to you. We are going to describe the process in detail, so after reading this article you will be able to perform an exchange on your own. 

What is a Tool for Exchanging Coins?

Crypto Converter is a calculator used for easy and fast conversion of cryptocurrencies. Its interface is fairly easy to handle even if it is your first time. The thing is the converter tracks the rates of the coins throughout other sites and sources, providing the best suitable option for you. You will cope with this tool from the first try and succeed in your deal. 

Crypto Exchange
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The Guide on the Crypto Converter

There is a platform that is considered to be one of the most convenient converters available today. To perform BTC to LTC exchange you should follow these steps:

  • Once you enter the site, find the calculator right in the middle of the main page. 
  • Choose coins to sell and buy in the appropriate columns. In our case, it is BTC and LTC. The interface is really user-friendly, so you will easily cope with this task. 
  • Enter the number of coins to sell and buy. You may do both in right and left columns. Once you did it, you should wait until the platform analyses the market to find the best rate for your deal. And if the price is okay for you, you go ahead and press “Exchange”.
  • Now you got to enter the wallet address. You should be especially attentive here, as a single mistake leads to a total failure of your exchange and you lose funds.
  • Now that everything is correct, pay the application and wait for a while.

Pros of Using Crypto Converters

  1. Working with the Godex platform you are certain to be protected from hackers. Most exchangers keep clients’ funds, so when you use them, you entrust your coins to their addresses, which is not entirely safe because of hacker attacks that happen from time to time. On the contrary, using the Godex platform, the funds are sent between users while the exchange performing, so you don’t risk losing your funds.
  2. Many exchanges require verification and passing KYC procedure, which implies you giving copies of your documents and a photo of yourself keeping your passport. Moreover, this may take some days. In the case you are a professional trader, you probably need to do it. But if you only want to keep your BTC or LTC coins, you may simply use Godex decentralized exchange.
  3. Anyone can handle working with Godex, as it is extremely simple and intuitive. The developers of the platform were aimed at making its interface users friendly both for experienced traders and beginners.
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If you need to perform fast and profitable exchanges of your cryptocurrency, you will not find an easier and more reliable service than Godex. The calculator provides the best rate for your deal and the whole process does not take more than a half-hour. Moreover, you will stay anonymous and protected from losing your funds as a result of hacker attacks.


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