7 Conventional Marketing Tactics to Replace With Digital Marketing

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Did you know that 330 billion US dollars would be spent on digital advertising by the next years? This figure is staggering, but it is indeed true. If we look at the numbers of 2015, there were some 170 billion dollars spent on digital advertising, according to Statista. 

It alone tells us a lot about the upward trajectory of digital marketing and its scope. The most sought-after advertising, digital advertising, gained so much importance due to the internet’s penetration and digital platforms.

The truth is digital marketing has taken an altogether new form during the lockdown as opposed to the conventional means. When no direct mail, billboard advertising, or print media worked, digital media did. It reached every household and conveyed the message to the clients. 

If you are looking to replace traditional marketing with digital, you have come to the right place. Let us look at the seven conventional marketing tactics to replace forthwith.


Print marketing has always been there, and it was essentially the only way to get the readers’ attention. But like all tried and tested methods, many have replaced it with the most sure-fire ways of marketing; a website. Whether it is blog posts, an article, audio/visual, or a catchphrase, the website does it effectively.

However, a website performs its functions well when it has a fair amount of authenticity. Similar to a link between two businesses, there should be other websites vouching for yours. It is possible through backlinks. A website that has a link to yours comes as an endorsement for your work.

It’s the reason that we always see an emphasis on checking the backlinks. It is one of the top things to consider during a site audit. Any broken backlinks may not just result in a missed revenue target, but a missed client too. The need for any digital platform is to ensure all such links function properly. If your website lacks the desired out-reach, you might want to check backlinks and build meaningful online connections.


Nowadays, organizations have realized the importance of digital marketing, which has given rise to tough competition. Those that are stuck in the old or conventional ways are often the ones who are left behind. Likewise, companies would solely rely on broadcast media for marketing. But, times have now changed.

Now, the most effective form of ‘broadcasting’ anything is through videos. Whether it’s content on YouTube, a slideshow, a presentation, or specific apps, it is all broadcast marketing. If you still rely only on this sort of advertising, think about switching to digital means.


Do you remember the last time you got attracted to a billboard ad? To answer it, you may have to think for a minute or two. But suppose we ask you about the last time you came across a digital ad. In that case, you will respond immediately, saying it was probably just a few seconds ago. Similarly, outdoor tactics such as posters or fliers don’t serve the same purpose as digital marketing.

Word of Mouth

word of mouth on social media as digital marketing came
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If we look at the old times, then word of mouth was one of the most preferred ways. Organizations would opt for it to get their name across and get the attention of their prospective clients. Now, the most powerful way to spread your organization’s message is through social media, as companies can change negative opinions in a matter of seconds. They do so by resolving issues and mitigating negative word of mouth on online platforms.

Direct Mail

It would always be a great feeling to receive mail, even from an unknown sender. The fact is it was the only way for organizations and the masses in general to communicate. In this age, email marketing is widely used for all these purposes. It enables us to respond and receive a response in the minimum amount of time possible, in the best of ways.


telephones replaced by virtual assistants when digital marketing came
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Telephone marketing has been one of the most trusted ways of marketing. That is where the concept of cold calling emerged. Now, chatbots or virtual assistants represent your organization and the website. They are the best resources to rely on for a timely, accurate, and appropriate response to the visitors.

Door to Door Agents

Gone are the doors when you would send your organization’s representatives to customers’ houses. It is now the social media marketing that reaches a client through their Facebook wall or Twitter posts. LinkedIn and Instagram perform the same function, where your business post plays the same role.

Final Word

Marketing has always been a viable business strategy, and reaching the potential client has been challenging. It has not been made easy by switching to some of the digital means. The modern age has built on the same methods, only more smartly and efficiently. Now, it takes place in a more precise, timely, and proactive way. If you think your business lacks one of the discussed marketing strategies, act now. Digitally savvy measures go a long way in giving your business the recognition it deserves.


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