Is Becoming A Commercial Pilot A Good Career Choice?

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Are you thrilled imagining yourself as a pilot? An aviation career expects a combination of skills, techniques, determination, and discipline in the person aspiring to be a pilot. This profession looks like an excellent choice, but are you aware of the classifications? Yes, you read it right! Pilots can have varying specializations. In fact, there are six types of pilot licenses of which commercial pilots are the most favored. They are trained professionals skilled in flying aircraft of cargo and passengers. The majority of people aspire to become a commercial pilot because it is the most respected job in the aviation industry. Are you wondering — if being a commercial pilot is a dream career? Then you must begin to assess the responsibilities that come with it.

Ø  The reality behind being a commercial pilot

By now, we all know what a commercial pilot is. But do you know about the process of being a commercial pilot? It’s not an easy one. The first step in building this career would be acquiring adequate educational qualifications. A recognized training institute can help attain aviation knowledge appropriately. Hillsboro Aero Academy offers commercial pilot courses and licensing to candidates willing to undergo rigorous training and learning. They provide both theoretical and practical knowledge and even assist in getting placed. Their precision in training makes them one of the most renowned pilot training schools in the US. With education comes massive charges. There is a considerable investment of money to fly in an expensive aircraft. Like any career, there are a few shortcomings of becoming a commercial pilot. But at the same time, it is an adventurous job that comes with great benefits. Here are some points to show you a bigger picture:

o   Decent pay: We all know of the salary perks this industry gives. Commercial pilots are paid high wages at the beginning of the career itself. This may then increase when you move up the ladder. In addition to this, these pilots enjoy attractive benefits such as free food, travel, accommodation, and other allowances. Also, the hike in the pay of commercial pilots is relatively faster than other pilots.

o   Special training: Flying the most expensive object on earth definitely requires appropriate training and skills. This is followed by passing several theoretical and practical tests which are based on knowledge about navigation, safety, rules, and regulations. However, all countries have a different format. Pilot training schools impart in-depth knowledge and offer certifications and licenses necessary to fly. You can also plan to study aviation abroad as they provide an opportunity for students to work and study at the same time by cutting the taxes.

o   Traveling across the world: Are you keen on traveling and wish to travel to unique locations? Then this career is just for you. Commercial flights fly all around the world. Pilots enjoy the luxury of traveling everywhere, along with superb stays, and experience the culture and cuisines of countries around the globe. This makes you social and multilingual too. Traveling for pilots is not just limited to work. They can fly at lower rate tickets to any destination, even for pleasure.

o   Secure future: With a good salary package comes a secure future. The majority of lifestyle expenses of the commercial pilots are taken care of by the company they are associated with. This saves a larger share of their salary.

o   Unhealthy Job: No matter how good this position pays, it always costs a toll on personal life. Pilots have an irregular sleeping schedule and are majorly under jet lag when traveling across international boundaries. This, in turn, leads to stress and other health disadvantages. Also, their unconventional working hours make it hard for them to enjoy family time.

In the aviation field, there are numerous perks and opportunities. Hardships occur in any career path, but that should not deter you from dreaming. Investing in this career can be expensive, but the returns are even more. The field requires determined, aspiring, and young candidates to fly who can keep up with the responsibility of ensuring the safety of oneself and others. So, if you think you have the zeal for it all, being a commercial pilot would be your dream career choice. 


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