Colombia Vs Peru – Which Should Be Visited First

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Colombia vs. Peru is considered among the most difficult choice among the South America dwellers. They are two popular countries whereby they are world-class destinations. Whenever individuals make a decision to travel to South America, Peru vs. Colombia is the most common comparison that makes numerous people get into confusion.

You are looking for a city that should be visited first between Colombia and Peru? Here is the best answer to the question.

Colombia is larger than Peru. Colombia vs Peru approximately equivalent to the landmass of France, Germany, and the United Kingdom. Therefore, it is more diverse geographically in comparison to Peru. For instance, the Andean mountain ranges split into three branches immediately it enters into the country that is Caribbean Sea, Pacific Ocean, north, and sits west. It contains the highest coastal mountain globally. The landscape and contours lure many tourists into the country. Moreover, there are reliable networks of domestic flights and features which were created to prevent numerous road accidents that are likely to occur. The low-cost airlines save time and resources.

The citizens in the country are hospitable and friendly, especially in the areas whereby tourism rarely visits such as Chicamocha National Park. However, many people judge the country from the violent past which changed many conditions in the country. For instance, many tourists avoid traveling to Colombia due to the presence of stereotypes which is a totally different case recently. Many individuals are Spanish speakers, therefore, it aids in engagement with the Colombians without facing any challenges.

The security in the country is well catered for by the authority. It is important since it minimizes social evils in the society such as crime and prostitution. Initially, there was instability due to violence but the police assure peace and security. The citizens reveal their appreciation by showing respect to authority. Also, the country is fertile whereby there are rainforests, mountains and the coastline each with their different soil, as well as, climate.

In case an individual requires traveling to South America for the long term, Colombia is a better place in regards to the available infrastructure. For example, the country has a metro, high-quality medical care, unique shopping malls, and numerous grocery stores. Peru is not on that level yet.  The favorite tourist attraction to Columbia for many individuals is the attractive thriving nightlife that lures many individuals. However, there are various hiking destinations in the two countries.

South America has recently become common due to the lower cost of living in comparison to the United States. Therefore, it is easier working remotely especially in Colombia which makes it a better destination than Peru in South America. Colombia is larger than Peru thus it has a wider range of cities which leads to its attraction. Additionally, it has an impressive street art culture that lures many individuals due to creativity. The officials in charge support the citizens which lead to growth and development.


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