How to Book Cheap Car Rentals in New York City?

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New York City is a chic tourist destination, with car rental companies offering vehicles to meet the specific needs of travelers. Read on to grab some exciting tips about car rentals in New York City. 

Price Comparison for Neighborhood Car Rentals in New York

Start by looking up neighborhood car rental options. This may spare you the time and effort of finding parking in midtown or downtown New York City. You can also often find great deals, as many neighborhood companies offer great rates for booking online and picking up.

Price Comparison for Manhattan Car Rentals

As a general rule of thumb, the closer you get to Central Park, the higher your rates will be for vehicles. Conversely, the further away from Central Park, you go, the more affordable your rates will become.

Price Comparison for Other Neighborhood Car Rentals 

Brooklyn neighborhoods are affordable, but you will often have limited car rental options. You will find better rates in Queens, which is situated between Brooklyn and Manhattan.

Book Directly With the Car Rental Company

You may choose to book directly with one of the national companies or a neighborhood company that offers cars at significantly reduced rates for booking online.

There are several ways you can book an online travel agent. Listed below are some popular options for booking New York City car rentals:

1) Use your favorite search engine to find a rental car company.

2) Select the location you’d like to pick up your vehicle, and you’ll see a list of car rental companies in that area.

3) Click on the link to the agency website and book your reservation.

4) You can also get an instant rate quote if you fill out the information on the left side of the site.

5) Once you complete your order, follow their instructions to get your rental car.

5 Ways to Book with an Online Travel Agent

When you book with an online travel agent, you get the benefit of doing it all at once. Agencies can book your hotel, transportation, and car rental. You select the specific car you want, or they will find one that works for you. And best of all, an online agency will often give you great prices on new vehicles (not used cars like some other agencies). They usually book via:

  • Orbitz
  • Kayak
  • Expedia
  • Hotwire

Price Comparison for Online Travel Agents

The best way to book a cheap car rental in New York City is by using an online travel platform like Such sites pull information from all the major car rental companies on their system, including all the fees and taxes in their price quote (so you can see what you are getting for your money), and they give you excellent customer service too.

Final Thoughts

To put it all in a nutshell, through booking directly with the car rental company, searching for great deals online through travel sites like AmericanOtels, and getting a reservation, you will have no problem finding an excellent rate for your upcoming vacation or business trip.


Below are frequently asked questions about car rentals in New York City.

How much does a rental car cost in New York City?

It depends on the neighborhood you want to rent from and when you’re going to pick up your vehicle. You can check prices online or call the company directly for more specific rates. 

What is a good neighborhood for renting a car in New York City?

The best neighborhoods for renting cars generally offer you more money for your dollar. Midtown and Downtown Manhattan have some of the highest rates in the city, while Brooklyn offers lower prices on neighborhood rentals. 

What is considered a reasonable rate for a rental car in New York City?

You can get a good rate by getting online and renting your car at least two months in advance. Early booking helps you save on the price of your rental car. 


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