10 Cheap Car Accessories

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With the world expanding rapidly, the need for longer rides is growing too. Today a car is a second home to a person. Just like the home you need to have things which provide you comfort, convenience, safety and lastly and often the most important factor (for some) is decor.

We are going to list 10 of those items which covers all round the things that you need. Spending a few bucks on these cheapest car parts, you will enhance the overall experience of your ride. You can purchase these unique car accessories online in your comfort zone via Amazon or any e-commerce platform.

  1. Anti-Lost Smart Bluetooth Tracker

Only if you could put tag on everything only then it would’ve been possible to find. But with this Anti-Lost Smart Bluetooth Tracker helps you locate exactly where your stuff is without having to spend hours finding it. When turned on, this tracker can locate your items within 75 ft. of vicinity.

  1. Bluetooth Portable Speaker

Having a Portable Bluetooth speaker handy can keep the party going with your friends and family. This Bluetooth speaker can you give you up to 3 hours of support when you’ve fully charge it. You can play nonstop sound on this portable Bluetooth speaker and it wouldn’t affect the quality and battery.

  1. A Steering Wheel Cover In Eight Different Floral Designs

This floral cover not only decors the steering and interior but adds value to the protection of it. Many people use different products on their hands which tears down the original cover. An added benefit is the anti-slip which ensures good grip. Besides this comes in multiple faux leather designs.

Anything that shines is always a great idea. When you’re over all things pink and fluffy and just want a touch of elegance, our Rhinestone Steering Wheel Cover is just the thing you need

  1. Indestructible Magnetic 3-in-1 Charging Cable

Do you always get into an argument for losing a data cable or it’s just always busy charging someone else’s device? It happens with everyone! Time to upgrade your accessory with this latest Indestructible Magnetic 3-in-1 Cable. With its compact size, efficiency, and sturdiness will simplify your life!!

  1. Mini USB Disco Light

We’re sure you’ll fall in love with amazing yet miniature Mini USB Disco Light. Who needs those big bulky disco lights when you can have a compact size, ultra-sleek, and fun disco ball light right in your bag. It has a default feature of sound-activated sensor that goes off when you start the music.

  1. Phone Holder That Attaches To Your Car’s Air Vents

Despite being handy and making you forget less your phone in the car, this is the accessory best suited for the classic cars that don’t have built in navigation. It is simple to set up and swift to attach and detach your phone.

No need for a holder in the car? Don’t sweat it — our magnetic car phone holder strip works perfectly anywhere else where you have constant phone use (or need to be hands-free). From kitchen to home gym to even the bathroom mirror, your phone can hold up anywhere.

  1. Extra-Large Cup Holder That Comes with A Swiveling Tray

This is the new age innovation in the cup holders department. This cup holder has a width of more than 4 inches and comes with a tray which rotates on the axis and can accommodate the passengers’ drink or edible along with the drivers’. It has an erected border to make it spill free for your other belongings too.

  1. Universal Car Footstep

Stepping up to see the top of the car can never be this easier with this Universal Car Footstep. Haven’t you always had to find a stool for getting on top of your vehicle to clean or look something through, here’s how you can resolve the problem; get our car footstep and say goodbye to big stools forever.

  1. A Set Of Blind-Spot Mirrors

Though this might look a little extra when you think of armoring your car with the latest techs and car accessories from online shopping or any car accessory stores. But it’s not! Two things to define its importance, 1. Help you park and depart in tight spaces. 2. Save you from getting scratches on your paint job.

  1. A Seat Protector & Organizer Set For Under $30

Car Back Seat Organizer is a wonderful piece of an accessory. It is spill resistant, easy to clean and comes with a strap to be fitted seamlessly. The better is about to come! There are two pieces made of rigid polyester and have multiple compartments to hold whatever you want them to snug and keep you back seat clutter-free.


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