Career Opportunities Cisco CCNA Exam lab Certification Can Bring You: Job Positions, Responsibilities and Salary

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As times change, new technologies that require new approaches are appearing. So, every professional who is thinking ahead should always be on their toes, or else they end up missing on what matters. One such way to stay updated is to go through the certification process held by a recognized vendor like Cisco.

Cisco’s revolutionary training and badges ensure everyone has their professional needs attended to. And that is why in this post, we speak about their CCNA badge that requires you to only pass one 200-301 exam lab. And as there is much information about the test itself on the official website, below, we’ll focus on the variety of jobs you can apply for once you become accredited. Also, included are the associated responsibilities as well as salaries.

Your Career Prospects with CCNA Certification provides a clear picture of what is likely to come out of your acing 200-301 Exam-Labs and obtaining the CCNA credential. Companies like Cisco Systems, AT&T Inc, Charter Communications, Century Link, and many others will be ready to hire you. Also, a diversity of positions and generous income possibilities will be there for you to comprehend. Generally, the average pay for all the roles presented for the badge is about $79k annually. And here are some detailed examples of the jobs that will become available for you:  

Network administrator

Network administrators are to take care of all systems for computer hardware and software of the company. In certain cases, they are responsible for developing and implementing new exam lab networks. However, it is best to note that their duties vary based on the organization they are working for and the goals set by the employer during hiring. This could include assigning network addresses, managing and implementing protocols, monitoring networks, handling updates, testing for threats, and administering security programs. Their average pay is about $60k per year. 

Network engineer

The job of a network engineer with the exam lab CCNA credential revolves around building and executing networks for the company. The main tasks of these professionals involve troubleshooting problems that relate to the organization’s enterprise-based networks. They also must confirm that the security of the systems as well as the firewall software is always updated. The average salary for these specialists is $74k, while that for a senior network engineer it is $101k yearly.    

Systems administrator  

CCNA certified systems administrators keep an eye on their firm’s computer systems ensuring they are running at optimum and their maintenance is always on point. In this position, one will perform the tasks of regular security monitoring, handling backup processes, and setting up, maintaining, and deleting user accounts every time it is needed. The sum these professionals receive per annum is about $63k.     

IT manager

IT managers’ duties include supervising their company’s computer infrastructure. They are responsible for overseeing teams that are managing network technology, security for IT, and software platforms as utilized by the organization. An Information Technology Manager can assist in establishing infrastructure for data storage as well as protocols and regulations for access within the organization. Their average pay is $88k annually.


Acquiring the Cisco CCNA credential through passing 200-301 exam lab test is a brilliant investment in your future career. The indicated opportunities and the mentioned salary prospects as revealed by are what you can access once you get accredited! So, if your vision includes working in a leading firm and receiving substantial compensation for your abilities, then this certification should be the first concern. Plan now and set off towards securing it! 


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