3 Advantages of Opting for Cambridge System Education

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Cambridge is one of the excellent places to study as well as look very good on your Curriculum Vitae. As a result, many ambitious students dream of it. Actually, there is a pool of genuine reasons why most pupils consider it. Apart from being outstanding, let’s look at some reasons that have to do with the idea that schools offer Cambridge system education and all the hype for it.

1. International Recognition For Cambridge System Education

In short Cambridge, qualifications are recognized globally. Universities and employers around the world accept them. It is estimated that over 1400 universities across the globe recognize Cambridge qualifications. This includes every university in the UK and roughly 600 US universities. Other countries that accept these qualifications are Australia, Canada, Singapore, South Africa, Germany, and the Netherlands. The Cambridge board also engages these universities and prospective employers in analyzing any challenges to the hindrance of education quality. 

Cambridge System is internationally recgnized
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Additionally, it also ensures a smooth progression for students under the Cambridge curriculum. This fosters the regulation of acceptable standards. The coverage of the Cambridge education system is only expected to grow. This is being lobbied for by the Education Advisory Council, which advices on how Cambridge’s best recognition can be expanded in the US. Cambridge board also serves to create students’ opportunities by providing comprehensive guidance for schools regarding where the qualifications are accepted.

2. Cambridge System of Education Assessment Benefits

With Cambridge assessment, you get a lifelong passport for study and work. These assessments prove what a student has learned and help improve a student’s understanding and skills. The reviews’ beauty lies in that they are designed to be fair, valid, reliable, and practical, no matter the assessment setting. In addition, with the system, you get to enjoy accurately assessing learning. The learning structure is flexible, giving room for maximum teaching as well as learning time. This encourages cross-curricular connections.

When concerning getting enough exam practice, Cambridge provides a wide range of assessment materials. Namely, past exam papers, examiner reports, and mark schemes. Additionally, mechanisms for assessment for learning (AFL) are in place under the Cambridge system. This enables candidates to create specific goals and devises ways of achieving them. Thus they would attain a clear focus for learning without compromising their Cambridge learner attributes. Last but not least, the board closely engages exam officers to smooth running and administering of exams.

3. International Curriculum

Cambridge System has international Curriculum
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This is revered by many to be a global standard. It is more flexible, challenging, while inspiring at the same time. Furthermore, it maintains a culturally sensitive approach without compromising the international approach. The curriculum goals include fostering the development of informed curiosity, not forgetting a long lasting passion for learning. Also in terms of the board’s ultimate goal, it can be thought of imparting essential skills to students that would be vital during their university years as well as for their future careers. 

To Wrap Up

Thus, the Cambridge learning philosophy allows your child to acquire the essential skills that would enable him to be successful as well as fit right through most societies of the world. With Invictus International school, your child gets to go through different stages of the Cambridge education system. These include Cambridge Primary, Cambridge Lower Secondary, Cambridge Upper Secondary, and last but not least, Cambridge Advanced level. The good aspect is that each stage is devised to build on the learner’s development from the previous one. Therefore you must not wait. Hurry and secure your child’s future by having him/her enrolled at the school.

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