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Particularly now when many of us are spending more time indoors than we normally would, it’s easy to sit in front of a screen all day, or scroll mindlessly through our smartphone feeds without getting anything done. Want to feel a little bit more productive each day, using your favourite pieces of tech positively rather than as a time-sink? Here are a few tips that you might find useful.

Turning games into goals

Many of us spend more time than we’d like to admit tapping on mindless games to help pass the time, and so what if we substituted that time with apps that are fun, but actually teach you something transferable and helpful in the process. Apps like Duolingo, for example, the well-known language learning platform, turn the act of learning a new language into a game, breaking it into easy stages and rewarding you with points and leader boards to compete on with friends. You’ll get that same gratification as you would from playing a Candy Crush or an Angry Birds game, but with a sense of fulfilment from learning something helpful at the same time! Give it a try and kill two angry birds with one stone.

Using your phone passively

When doing chores, completing menial tasks, or even commuting to and from work or to the shops (when things start to go back to normal), did you know that you can use your phone (and the apps/software available on it) in order to plug those gaps and learn passively? Financial apps like MoneyBox are a good start, helping you to save and micro-invest your money for the future whenever you purchase something using your phone.

Another prime example for those wanting to get on top of their finances, and perhaps even look into investing for the future, is the series of property investment podcasts offered by the award-winning RWinvest. Their easy to digest discussions on the best UK investment areas, investing during a pandemic, and how to get started in investing in buy to let property are a good way to learn for those interested in the thriving market. 

Of course, if you’re interested in a different investment market, or another subject entirely, there are a range of podcasts out there that might help you. Audiobooks through services like Audible are another great idea for filling your brain with knowledge while you’re out and about!

Monitoring usage

Of course, technology is ultimately beneficial to productivity, and as displayed above can be used in a myriad of different ways in order to help your reach your potential, but sometimes you do need to know when to switch off. Whether it’s settling down to read/write for a couple of hours, focusing in on an important project that you can’t be distracted during, or simply preparing to try and sleep a little bit better (which smartphone and screen lights can have a negative impact on), putting your phone to one side and calling it a day will make you appreciate your time with it more; it might be glued to your hand for most of the day, but it might not need to be!

This might come across as a little bit preachy, and ultimately you know yourself and your habits more than anyone else does. However, if you struggle to put your phone away when you should be focusing on other stuff, perhaps use some different ‘training-wheel’ apps like OFFTIME, which push you gently in the right direction by stopping you from going on certain apps and platforms at times when you should be working or concentrating.

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