Maintenance Tips For Black Oxide Coated Surfaces

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When some material is dipped in an alkaline salt solution, a reaction produces black oxide or conversion coating. Magnetite is formed on the surface of the part as a result of the interaction between the alloy and the reagent. The magnetite functions as a barrier, preventing humidity from eroding the alloy’s top. The colour of magnetite is black, and is therefore called “black oxide.”

Factor Affecting Black Oxide Coating 

Black oxide coatings applied to metal objects that are applied to the surface of various objects will deteriorate over time. Various factors may shorten the life of back oxide coating. A list of these factors has been given below;

  • Sun
  • Rain & Wind
  • Pollution
  • Cold temperature 
  • Salt solutions
  • Electric Current
  • Metals

Given the wide range of factors that can affect the black oxide or black coating, it’s inevitable that it will deteriorate with time. When finished parts are exposed to, proper care and maintenance is required to combat the negative impacts of the elements.

How to Take Care of Black Oxide Coating Material?

The service life of black oxide-coated surfaces can be extended with the correct preventive maintenance. Some of the products listed below can benefit from the care and maintenance advice given below, which can actually help to keep the repair and maintenance expenses down.

 Below are given a few tips & techniques to help maintain black oxide-coated surfaces. Have a look…

Keep them Clean & in a Dry Environment

Water has the worst adversary since the oxygen in water reacts with iron to generate iron oxide. As a result, metals left outside, like vehicles, fences, and tanks, are more prone to rust. Use a dehumidifier if the piece is in a moist indoor setting, like in a shed or basement.  Because any form of mud or dirt stuck to the surface of metals can contain water, it’s critical to maintain them clean.

Avoid Chemical Cleaners 

 Harsh chemicals can ruin black oxide coatings. These coatings can be harmed by a variety of commercial cleaning chemicals. Once a finishing has been degraded, it is significantly more susceptible to fading, discoloration, and end failure. When strong chemical cleaners are used on coated objects the finish’s lifespan is reduced by half.

Prevent Scratches

Metal scratches or fissures reveal more metal, making it stay in touch with the iron. Since cold rolling generates a smooth texture preventing the water stay,  a cold rolled object is more durable than hot rolled steel.

Apply A Protective Coating

Material with black oxide coating can be protected from wear and tear by dipping them in an anodizing solution. Metal objects, such as equipment, outdoor gear, cars, and massive metal pieces, can be protected with commonly available maintenance treatments in various forms.

Wrapping Up

While it may be impossible to predict the exact length of service life that manufactured products will provide, you may prolong their useful service life with proper upkeep. It has the potential to double or perhaps treble the coating’s useful life.

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