Beta Male Characteristics: Check Yourself Out!

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Alpha, beta, and gamma males are about the rank potential of a man, the potential to lead a pack. And if alpha men are standard-bearers and leaders, then beta men are their substitutes – those who can replace the leader when it is needed. They don’t take a leap into the unknown but are ready to reach success within the framework of the assigned task. Let’s consider some other beta male traits to check out!

You care about a girl’s sexual desires

Alpha men are always self-confident, think that they act perfectly well in bed, and, accordingly, aren’t interested in the sexual desires of women. Although all people are different: some girls love one thing, while others derive pleasure from a whole lot different. Beta males understand this full well and always ask what a beloved woman wants. Moreover, they do their best to fulfill the wishes and dreams of their girlfriends.

You trust decision making to your partner A lack of decision-making power is one of the main characteristic features of a beta male. Such men are afraid to take responsibility and make important decisions by themselves. So, they often trust this to their loved ones. Accordingly, it’s not surprising that a woman becomes the very person who makes all decisions in love relations. But at the same time, a beta man is always ready to support a beloved woman in her decisions and plans.

You’re not self-centered

Alpha men are often very self-centered and fixated only on themselves. These guys can spend quite a long time to work on their charisma, charm, and winsomeness. But beta men, on the opposite, spend free time on their interests, hobbies, and inspired activities. This may be music, reading, writing, cooking, or something completely exclusive. No matter what it takes, beta males always have something in their minds, and this is what attracts ladies to such men.

You don’t take pleasant trifles for granted

Paying attention to pleasant trifles is another trait of beta men. Alpha males are too self-confident, and therefore, they don’t have time to fixate on trifles. But beta males notice everything that beloved women do for them. Do you notice and thank your lady for the little romantic notes she secretly puts in your bag, tasty dishes in your lunch box, and tiny gifts that she sends to your office? That means you’re a real beta male. Moreover, you know how to give all these things in return.

You’re ready to build a serious relationship and contract marriage

It is no longer surprising that many men are afraid to tie the knot. Although beta males are different. In contradistinction from alpha males, such men seek to find the one and only lady and build strong love relations with her. Beta males dream of a happy, close-knit family and upbringing of children. All this brings them great pleasure. In addition, these men are great fathers! Therefore, many pretty single ladies want to meet a beta male to create healthy romantic relations.

The constant need for communication

Beta males always strive to become the life and soul of the party, delight others, and create a pleasant atmosphere around. Beta men require constant emotional recharge and this is very important for them. At the same time, these guys are very good and faithful friends; such a man has excellent communication skills and can find friends everywhere. Moreover, they find a common language not only with other guys but also with the representatives of the opposite sex. Also, beta men are always ready to do everything in power to help a dear person in a difficult situation and support the beloved.

You don’t see any improvements in your life

The most common sign of a beta male is being disappointed with your life. You lack that feeling like you’re proud of your achievements when you wake up. Your life is boring at times, and your job barely brings enough income for a comfortable living.

You can’t wait until next weekend to distract from your Groundhog Day-like lifestyle, but even then, you never do something worth mentioning. Beta males feel trapped in the routine, and they don’t see a way out. They haven’t got any close to the goals they had when they were younger mostly because they’ve given up on them long ago.

You’re not the strongest guy around

Physical strength is a weighty factor that forms self-confidence. More importantly, it indicates how healthy you are. Don’t forget that people are basically glorified animals, and animals always choose the healthiest match. This gets you into a sort of a loop because health and fitness bring attention, which, in turn, makes your confidence thrive. In contrast to alphas, who care about their look, beta-males often seem vulnerable and weak, even if they’re not. An average woman will never choose to be around a guy who looks like he can’t take care of himself because she automatically treats him like a burden.

You never confronted your bullies

Most of our character traits begin to form in childhood, and they’re nearly impossible to change when we grow up. 99% of people have been bullied at least once in their lives, and you’ll have to go through various forms of bullying in your life. No one likes to bullies, but they’re part of our surroundings. Let’s return to your past and take a look at some of the less pleasant moments. How did you react, what were your feelings? Did you try to face the bullies, or you were too afraid of them? Bullies always pick the weakest because they’re easy prey, so if you were the target for bullying, you weren’t a tough nut.

You have problems standing your ground

It’s often hard for beta-males to say no to people, even if they’re not interested or don’t want to be engaged. Some try to pretend like they’re nice or enjoy pleasing people, but doing something to please people around you greatly differs from helping someone at your own expense. You can face this anywhere: at school or work, even in your family. If you don’t learn how to stand up for your own good, don’t be surprised to find yourself being undervalued, unhappy, and hating everything around you.


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