What is the Best TV Series and Why?

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TV is on the rise and well on its way to surpass the American cinema’s long-held supremacy. Why? Because television showcases some of the best series and sitcoms, which have the potential to change your ideas, move your emotions, and take you on a rollercoaster ride of strong, sweet, or gritty tales. While you may miss a movie, you simply cannot miss a TV show. It has a longer running time to keep you hooked indefinitely, it allows room for exponential character growth, it is tailored to suit a specific kind of audience, and it can instantly become an addictive ‘binge-worthy’ activity. Only last year, more than 500 television series came out in the U.S. which indicates the growing popularity of the entertainment medium. And, if you have a television subscription from the likes of Cox cable TV, then, your experience goes on a whole other level, since Cox inserts the best channels, networks, and TV series into your regular, day-to-day programming. 

Now, where should you start? What is the best TV series that you should definitely watch on the upcoming weekend? Here’s a list.

Breaking Bad

best TV Series - breaking bad

This AMC TV series has earned iconic fame because of its neo-western dramatic touch to the crime genre. Consisting of five seasons in total, Breaking Bad places the viewer in the shoes of a dispirited high-school chemistry teacher, Walter White, who spirals out of control while trying to make both ends meet and turns to a life of crime to support his family financially before being completely consumed by stage-three lung cancer. This show takes the viewer on a journey that’s filled with a drug-centered frenzy and the dangers of the criminal underworld. Breaking Bad has won multiple awards, including two Golden Globes, sixteen Primetime Emmys, two Critics’ Choice, two Peabody awards, and more. I’d say it’s worth binging. Wouldn’t you agree?


For people who live for intrigue and mystery, Sherlock is a real treat. This BBC TV series gives a modern, technological spin to Arthur Conan Doyle’s timeless detective stories, and stars Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock Holmes, and Martin Freeman as Dr. John Watson. In the first episode, we see the two characters untangle an impossible enigma with their wit and the power of deduction. Their companionship deepens with each season, while the villains get wily, ultimately leading to the epic showdown between Sherlock and the mastermind, Moriarty. If you have a penchant for solving serial murders with a touch of light humor on the side, then do give this season a shot.

Game of Thrones

Who doesn’t know about Westeros, the Iron Throne, and the Seven Kingdoms? Game of Thrones is not just a TV series; it is a collective, a culture, and a world that invites you to partake in fan bases, memes, and elaborate cosplay. Created by David Benioff and D. B. Weiss, and based on George R. R. Martin’s epic saga, this HBO series mixes political drama with fantasy. It follows different story arcs, the main one being the struggle to acquire the Iron Throne, decorated with the swords of the defeated. Game of Thrones depicts the alliances and conflicts between the ruling dynasties and shows the rise of the underdog through the characters of Daenerys Targaryan, Arya Stark, and Jon Snow. It consists of the largest ensemble cast which you’ll find on television. Moreover, Game of Thrones has achieved record viewership, along with 59 Primetime Emmys, three Hugo awards, and other accolades. The series aired from 2011 to 2019, but even to this day, you’ll see that the ‘song of ice and fire’ hasn’t died out.

best TV Series - games of thrones

Rick and Morty

Were you waiting for an animated number on this list? Well, here you go. Rick and Morty is an adult, animated sci-fi sitcom, which runs on Adult Swim, a late-night programming block of Cartoon Network. It follows the crazy adventures, or rather misadventures, of Rick Sanchez, a mad scientist, and his 14-year-old grandson, Morty Smith, a good-natured, yet an easily distressed lad. Together, they cross dimensions, travel to other planets, explore different realities, and jump between portals in Rick’s flying car. While doing this, they also ruminate on life in general and various concepts, such as family, school, love, and marriage, which comes as a surprise to the viewer, who expects nothing but pure eccentricity. Rick and Morty has also received universal acclaim, and it should definitely be on your list.

Bonus Entries

Though the list of the best TV series is never-ending, these shows manage to leave a strong mark on the viewer too: The OA, Fargo, Arrested Development, The Sopranos, Dexter, The Shield, Rome, Twin Peaks, The Leftovers, Band of Brothers, Chernobyl, Better Call Saul, True Detective, Justified, Lost and Deadwood.

Wrapping Up

TV series are an essential part of modern living, and this post recommends the best television sitcoms that you should watch to make the most out of your time.


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