A-List Of The Best Beaches In Tel Aviv That You Can’t-Miss

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Tel Aviv, like some of the other coastal regions in Israel, is known for its beautiful beaches packed with people of all ages and cultures loving the sand and coastline, playing seaside sports, skydiving, and just whatever their spirits longing, so if you’re ever stuck for things to do in Tel Aviv, going to the beach can be a great choice. Here’s a rundown of the top beaches in Tel Aviv you must visit;

Givat Aliya Beach 

This beach, which is the southern end of Old Jaffa and near to Bat Yam, can be reached by a couple of dozen stairs. It attracts a diverse mixture of people and teenagers on workday and couples with kids on weekends.

With elegant archways and sandy beaches, the walkway is simply stunning. For the more athletic, there is a volleyball field on the beach.

Banana Beach, Tel Aviv

This is among the most relaxed and scenic beaches, is surrounded on the southern end by short hills, making it a perfect place for photos. Tel Aviv appears to be flawless from the beach, and one can confidently assert that it is one of Israel’s best-kept treasures.

The beach does not have a large number of visitors or amenities. There are only a few lifeguards on duty, some water sports, and plenty of peace and quiet.

Jerusalem Beach

From the promenade, Jerusalem Beach is easily accessible. It is positioned just in front of the beachfront hotel Tel Aviv and because it has wave barriers, this is among the greatest beaches in town for swimming in a safe setting. It’s also a famous matkot hangout.

The exercise center, lifeguards, and supervisory team on duty, showers, and lockers are all extras that will make your stay even better.

Metzitzim Beach

Metzitzim Beach is likely to be the first pick if you’re searching for a family-friendly seaside. The tranquil waters are ideal for young kids, and there are facilities, saunas, dressing rooms, and a food shop on site. The Tel Aviv Port’s restaurants and stores are just a stone’s throw away.

Trumpeldor Beach

This gorgeous beach, located near Trumpeldor Street, seems to have a wonderfully relaxing ambiance. Because there are no support services, you must bring your personal towel and refreshments – but please remember that the adjacent beaches are well-equipped.

Bograshov Beach

The beautiful buildings would help you identify Bograshov Beach. It’s among the city’s busiest beaches, particularly on Sundays.  So, if you need to get a sense of what the city is like, make a point of visiting. Many great shops and restaurants are located along the beach.

Tel Baruch Beach 

Tel Baruch beach is a great place to spend a day with loved ones. It is a prominent beach and a major tourist destination because of the gleaming multi-colored corals that sit empty near the coast. The pristine waters close to the beach are home to a varied array of aquatic species.

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