The Perfect Bedroom Inspiration For The New Year

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As we go into a new year, we take with us all our renewed resolutions and goals for the season. Working out how you’re going to set yourself up for success with your resolutions is all about thinking ahead. We’ve collected some bedroom inspiration for you to get organized when it comes to your personal resolutions for the year. 

Whether it’s by finding a faux fur blanket that’s going to help you get a night of uninterrupted sleep, or simply working out how the right storage solutions are going to help you achieve the minimalist zen haven of your dreams, here’s everything you need to know about turning a new page and starting strong this new year: 

Finding the Blanket of Your Dreams

Is your goal for the new year to catch up on some much-needed sleep? You’re far from alone, and thankfully, this is going to be an achievable one to tick off your list. Weighted blankets are a great natural way to induce sleep and restore your sleep hygiene into something that feels genuinely healthy. 

Weighted blankets work by utilizing something known as gentle pressure stimulation, which works by distributing an even amount of weight uniformly across your body as you try and get some rest. The sensation mimics the feeling of being gently hugged or swaddled, making it a comforting choice for those who struggle to get their eight hours of rest because of sleep anxiety or chronic insomnia.

Bedroom Inspiration
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Weighted blankets are also useful tools for children who struggle with nightmares or bad dreams in their sleep. The simplest way to pick a weighted blanket that’s right for you is by simply aiming for something that sits at about ten percent of your body weight. The best-weighted blankets are also going to be made out of independently certified materials that ensure you’re going to make an investment that’s going to last you a considerable amount of time before giving out. 

Of course, a weighted blanket is going to have little effect if what you’re sleeping on is wrong for you- so be sure you have the most comfortable mattress for a truly peaceful night’s sleep and you can also visit nolah limited edition 10″ mattress for your cool and comfortable sleep.

Investing in Storage Solutions That Make Clean-Up Easy

Looking to achieve a zen space that keeps you feeling calm and light even through the tough times? Storage solutions are the answer to your resolution, as well as your problems. Here are some quick ways to ensure you’re staying on top of your tidy game for the considerable future.

  • A Bed Frame That Comes With Adjustable Height: If you have a smaller bedroom, then finding the right amount of storage space can prove to be a challenge. One of the easiest ways you can work through this is to simply store excess clutter or seasonal belongings (think Christmas tree, winter wear, and so on) underneath your bed so it doesn’t get in the way of your closet or room space. 
  • Extra Shelving In Your Closet– Finding ways to compartmentalize your closet further can actually help a great deal when it comes to organizing your space. At its core, minimalism is about function, so finding a reason and place for all your belongings within your room is going to help you cut down and keep things simple. 
  • Find A Nightstand With Drawers: Nightstands are a really easy way to buy yourself some extra storage space. When buying a nightstand for your bedroom, be sure to get one that has multiple drawers. This is going to make tucking your nighttime reading away a whole lot easier. 

Finding a Bedroom Decor Style That’s Perfect For You

The new year is the perfect time to reinvent your space and keep you focused on what you want your personal style to really say. When you’re redecorating your bedroom decor style, think about what you want your bedroom to say and what feels most comfortable to you when you’re decorating your space. 

If you’re a naturally creative person who prefers to be in touch with your artistic style, then a boho bedroom is the perfect fit for you. Think layers in the form of a weighted blanket, throw, and several rugs to keep your space looking nice and comfortable. 

Bedroom Inspiration
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If you’re someone who prefers a more minimalist approach to your decorating but still want to feel the impact of a little color and style, then a modern bedroom might be a better fit for you. Contemporary styles focus more on accent pieces that you can build a bedroom around and are far easier to mix and match. 

When you’re seeking bedroom inspiration for the new year, reflect on your own resolutions before going ahead and planning your space. With the right goals in mind, you can really work on constructing a space that encourages your growth, be that by using something as simple as a weighted blanket or hitting the reset button on your bedroom decor.  


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