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Each day of the week, we take 3 meals along with 3 snacks and if we are consuming something fresh and healthy, we will surely have our health maintained throughout the year. You get carbohydrates, fats, and proteins from the meals you eat. If you eat fruits and vegetables, you’ll surely get a lot of fiber as well.

Well, here is healthy meal plans that are suitable for 7 days a week to enjoy a healthier and better life.

Day 1


Eat grapefruit and with two poached eggs. Take two slices of toast with butter on each of them. Take a cup of milk with low fat along with a cup of black coffee or you can take herbal tea instead.


Eat chicken breast either baked or roasted. It shouldn’t be breaded or fried. Eat a large plate of salad and a tablespoon of vinegar.


Eat one cup of steamed broccoli along with a cop of brown rice. Take small garden salad along with water or lemon slice.

Day 2


One orange along with wheat muffin and a cup of black coffee.


A turkey sandwich along with a cup of vegetable soup and a glass of water.


Take a cup of mashed potatoes, spinach, and green beans. Use water or lemon slice as well.

Day 3


Take a medium muffin with an orange and a cup of black coffee or non-fat milk.


Take chicken soup with low sodium along with an apple and water.


8 ounces of turkey breast along with a cup of baked beans and cooked carrot.

Day 4


A cup of wheat flakes with a banana. Take a grain toast and a cup of black coffee as well.


Tuna with a tortilla and a half can water-packed tuna with a tbsp. of mayonnaise and lettuce take a sliced avocado with a cup of milk as well.


Lasagna with a small plate of salad and a cup of non-fat milk as well.

Day 5


A piece of French toast and scrambled egg. In addition to this, eat turkey bacon with a cup of orange juice. You can always take the black coffee in your breakfast.


Eat a vegetable burger with northern dry beans and a cup of low-fat milk.


Take a trout with a cup of green beans. Take a rice cup as well with a small plate of salad along with water or lime slice.

Day 6


Take a cup of cornflakes and a banana. Take a hard-boiled egg as well with a cup of black coffee.


A cup of pasta and a medium plate of salad and a glass of water.


5 ounce serving of beef and a small baked potato. IN addition to this, take a cup of asparagus and a glass of water.

Day 7


A cup of cooked oatmeal and two slices of turkey bacon with a cup of milk.


Baked chicken breast with a wheat roll and a baked potato.


3 ounces of grilled salmon with a cup of black beans and a cup of brown rice as well. Take a wheat dinner roll and lime juice along with it.

We all want to live one happy, healthy lifestyle, great healthy living. So for that, the key is healthy eating. There are many reasons one should follow to understand how to get a healthy lifestyle and how we can achieve healthy living.  The primary is healthy eating anytime any day nothing can beat what you eat is how you look now or even 10, 20 years later. So it’s better if you start eating healthy now and focus on healthy & Halal food restaurant and diet you surely will achieve a healthy lifestyle and be healthy and fit.

Increase productivity:

The proper metabolism and healthy lifestyle produce the right amount of productivity through a fit and healthy body. It keeps you on going while you fix your diet plan, it gives the required energy, and when you are energetic, it merely makes you feel energetic all day long and makes your work more.

Save money and life insurance :

Well, it’s a bit Woah, but yes it’s true when you change your routine and start eating healthy and proper diet it just turns the lifestyle, and it makes you feel energetic and makes your life long and saves lots of money.

Enhance mood :

Your mood will automatically get enhanced when you eat fresh fruits vegetables and foods that give energy and not the diet food that gives dizziness to you. It just changes your mood, while you eat unhealthy food it gives you the dizziness and makes you feel ill it is always delicious and amazing to eat but also a bit hard to digest, and that’s the reason it makes you feel uncomfortable and gives unhealthy routine.

Regulate your weight: 

It keeps the weight healthy and tasty while you keep the food healthy and make it full of energy. It balances your weight and keeps you going. The regulation of pressure is so important when it comes to being healthy and fit always. The management is essential as it keeps the person healthy and makes the person relaxed and calm while eating only healthy foods.

Be healthier and fit :

The foods are the ones that make the person feel healthy and make you live and feel sturdy; the healthy diet is the only key that can make you look younger and make your skin glow. The healthy living style is the one main thing to follow if you are looking to feel healthy and fit all your life and feel the goodness of life. Live the way it should be live in. 

Live longer:

Healthy foods are the key when you want to live one healthy life and feel happy; it makes the person going when you eat healthily, and your lifestyle is good. You will always feel healthy and prosperous. The healthy lifestyle is key to press happy, and you can enjoy everything instead of unhealthy foods.

Keeping your teeth healthy is an extremely significant aspect of your life that you need to consider. Even if you have the perfect teeth, still you need to take some steps daily to take care of them. Here are some tips that can help you to keep your teeth in perfect condition.

Brush your teeth before going to bed

The germs and plaque that accumulate in your teeth throughout the day need to be eliminated before going to bed. Hence, by brushing your teeth at night, you will save your teeth from harmful germs.

Brush your teeth properly

Many of us do a poor job when it comes to brushing our teeth. We’re always in a hurry while brushing them. To keep your teeth in perfect condition, you need to brush your teeth thoroughly and properly. Gently move the brush in circular motions to remove any plaque or germs. The time taken to brush your teeth is all worth it in the end.

Use a good toothpaste

Choosing a good toothpaste is far more than just looking for elements to whiten your teeth and different flavors. When choosing the toothpaste, always select one which contains fluoride. Fluoride defends your teeth from plaque and prevents them from decaying.

Flossing is as significant as brushing

Flossing has great benefits. It stimulates the gums, reduces plaque, and helps lower inflammation in the area. Hence, you need to take it as seriously as you take brushing. To get these great benefits, you need to perform flossing at least once a day.

Use a good mouthwash

Mouthwash is quite necessary for oral health. The great benefits of mouthwash include reducing the amount of acid in the mouth, cleaning in and around areas of the gums that are hard to brush, and re-mineralizing the teeth. You can ask your dentist for mouthwash recommendations before getting one.

Drink more water

Water is an essential role-player when we talk about improving your overall health. The same is the case with oral health. Many dentists recommend drinking water after meals. This can greatly help in washing out sticky and acidic foods.

Eat crunchy food

Using ready-to-eat foods are great but not so beneficial for your teeth. Eat fresh, crunchy fruits and vegetables as they contain more healthy fiber. Dentists recommend parents to get their children to eat hard-to-eat food to get their jaws working.

Eat sugary foods within a limit

Sugar always converts into an acidic form in your mouth that can be harmful to your teeth. It is usually the greatest reason for cavities. Limit your sugary food consumption if you want to keep your teeth in perfect condition.

Pay a visit to your dentist twice a year

Even if you are a regular brusher and flosser, still you might want to pay a visit to your dentist at least twice a year to keep your teeth in perfect condition. Dentists can spot potential issues and look for cavities. dePacific Dental Group is the one you should definitely try for. You can’t do this at home. Hence, it is better to see your dentist for maintaining your oral health.

Before going to explain the situation of heart attack we should get to know the process of heart work that how our heart works? Blood flows through your core and lungs in four moves: Oxygen-poor blood is received from the body by the right atrium and pumped through the tricuspid valve into the right ventricle.  The left atrium gets from the lung’s oxygen-rich blood and pumps it through the mitral valve to the left ventricle. And how does the heartbeat? Working together, the atria and ventricles contract and relax alternatively to make the heartbeat and pump blood. Your heart’s electrical system is the energy source that enables this. Your heartbeat is caused by electrical impulses traveling through your core along a unique pathway.

This shows the complete gateway that how blood in and out from the human heart. Now we will see what exactly happens during a heart attack? A network of blood vessels known as coronary arteries surround the muscle of the core and provide it with oxygen and nutrient-rich blood.  When a coronary artery is suddenly blocked, a heart attack happens, stopping blood flow to the heart muscle and damaging it. This is because a buildup of fat, cholesterol and other substances that are called plaque together can narrow the coronary arteries that supply the heart muscle with blood flow. This slow process is referred to as atherosclerosis.

Now, what are coronary arteries? And what is coronary artery disease? And we will also discuss the cause of coronary artery disease. Coronary artery disease which is also known as atherosclerosis causes most heart attacks. This is when the coronary arteries from a gradual build-up of fatty streaks that are plaque. These are the arteries that provide the heart muscle with oxygenated blood. The construction of fatty streaks narrows and stiffens the coronary arteries over time.

As the coronary arteries narrow, reaching the heart muscle becomes harder for oxygenated blood, sometimes causing angina-known pain and discomfort. If a piece of plaque breaks, a blood clot may form and block a coronary artery, cutting off a portion of the heart muscle from the blood supply. This triggers an assault on the core.

now what are the cause of coronary artery disease which prevents to heart to beat normal? Your coronary arteries generally have good soft walls when you’re young. As you get older, risk factors such as cigarette smoke toxins, elevated blood pressure mechanical injury, high cholesterol or blood sugar from a diet elevated in saturated fats and sugars, and absence of practice undermines the internal lining of your coronary arteries. These wounds begin a chain of occurrences in your coronary arteries that lead to the build-up of fatty streaks. There are a number of variables your risk of coronary artery disease is known to boost. Age, ethnicity, gender, personal or family history of heart attack or stroke are some risk factors you can’t do anything about.

Remedies for heart failure treatment may include medicines provided to treat a heart attack. Aspirin decreases blood clotting, thus assisting a narrowed artery to preserve blood flow.

What is humidifier? And what parts of the body we can use humidifiers?

Humidifier treatment adds moisture to the air to avoid dryness that may cause discomfort in many areas of the body. Humidifiers may be particularly efficient in the treatment of dry skin, nose, throat, and lips. They may also relieve some of the symptoms generated by flu or the common cold. Overuse of Humidifier from Novita may, however, possibly get worse respiratory issues. It is essential to understand how to use them properly.

Even if you don’t have a cold , winter air can dry your sinuses, reducing your resistance to bacteria and viruses. Sleep with a moisturizer and wake up with a more comfortable nose and throat. Faster times of healing. The humidifier is going to reduce your pain.

What parts of the body we can use humidifiers for . here is a list:

• Dry skin 

• sinus congestion/headache

• dry throat 

• nose irritation 

• bloody nose

• irritated vocal cords

• dry cough

• cracked lips

so it completely depends upon us of what size and which humidifier is required for which part of body. Moreover, there are different types of humidifiers namely:

• ultrasonic

• warm mist

• evaporative

• impeller

After knowing all the basics or humidifier we can now actually explore what things to consider when buying a humidifier and here we tend to go:

• noise

• feature

• environment

• ease of cleaning

• ability


Humidifier Makes Noise Cleans the water reservoir, fan, and nozzle periodically to guarantee that they are functioning correctly.  Be sure to consult your owner’s handbook for other appropriate care and maintenance processes to maintain your humidifier running smoothly and effectively. The vibrating components can be another cause of the noise.


Some of the characteristics that one should look for when purchasing a humidifier is a timer and auto-shutoff feature that enables you to use it while sleeping without having to switch it off manually. Some advanced humidifiers have a humidistat that monitors the amount of humidity in your compartment and prevents the air from wetting.


In the air, the humidifiers transform water into a breathable vapor. If the water tank of the unit is dirty, the steam that a person breathes will also be dirty. A dark, wet tank is an environment that promotes germs, but frequent cleaning can help avoid any problems.

Ease of cleaning:

If you do not maintain your humidifier clean, the danger of mold disease, bacteria or other germs may not be worth the benefit. Always disconnect your humidifier before you clean it up. Water and electricity together can be highly dangerous. Clean, rinse and dry the structure and the tank every day.


Most humidifiers have a capacity of 2 to 3 days when operating at low settings. Some of them will only last a matter of hours, though, which can be frustrating, particularly if you want to leave it running all night. While we’re talking about water tanks, make sure it’s simple to remove and recharge.

What is interior design? And who are interior designers? Interior design is the art and science of improving the interiors of construction in order to create a better and more pleasing atmosphere for individuals using the room. Interior designers produce indoor rooms functional, safe and lovely by defining space demands and deciding vital and decorative products such as color schemes, lighting, and materials. They need to be able to draw, read, and edit blueprints.

The second top-rated question which might arise in our mind that why do we need an interior designer? The core duties and responsibilities of an interior designer include they work on a broad variety of structures, their responsibilities are generally the same. They analyze the needs of clients, develop plans and specifications, and make sure that the project is completed in accordance with the schedule and budget.

So before exploring the decorating tips from the expertise of designing we should have the knowledge to recognize and capable enough to answer the question of how we can find top interior designers in Singapore? Well, the online search engine will help us in this regard.

Singapore is a sovereign city-state in SouthEast Asia, and even though it is quite tiny. The region has a lot to offer, from prime architecture to excellent interior designers and interior design companies. Moreover, I would like to present the list of some top-rated interior designers in Singapore so far. And here we tend to go:

·         DB Studio

·         OMUS Living

·         Three-D concept Werke

·         Arete culture

·         Free space intent etc.

Now when we have a list of top-rated interior designers we can now go to their websites or home links to explore the best decorating tips for interior designing in Singapore especially.

I will pen down 6 major tips for decoration from top-rated interior designers in Singapore and here we go:

·         Cohesive color palette

·         Mix natural and organic shapes

·         Creation of olfactory experience

·         A large coffee tables

·         Good lightening

·         Property health check

Ø  Cohesive color palette:

Coherent color palette, as it helps to ensure visual flow and helps the home feel more like a single space.

Ø  Mix natural and organic shapes:

Mix natural, organic forms and textures with cooler metallic and glass accents such as linen and plants so that your elegant room will not feel like a showroom.

Ø  Creation of olfactory experience:

Create an exciting olfactory experience because at home scents can readily elevate the mood.

Ø  A large coffee table:

Your furniture will be ground by a big coffee table or sofa and make sure do not choose parts that are too tiny.

Ø  Good lightening:

Invest in nice lighting. it is something that you can bring with you that will last long.

Ø  Property health check:

The development of a lovely home fulfills only the role of esthetics and is often the simple component. A large tip when it comes to landed properties is to do a’ Property Health Check’ to check for any physical carcass weaknesses and failures and sort them out before you fabricate them. Every rupee invested in this manner goes further.Eight Design Interior Design is also the good name that comes in this feild , anyone can try them for better services.

If you are planning to hire a person to do your house chores for you, there are certain things you should consider hiring an ideal maid. First, as an employer, you should understand that there are some duties for you as well before handing over your house duties to someone else.

You need to have some space in your house for the accommodation of your maid. Secondly, you need to provide them safety, privacy, and all the essential materials to reside in your house. Jeff Maid providing the best help to hire the best maid for your self according to your needs.

The next thing that you might be worried about is to choose the ideal maid for your house chores. Well, here are some aspects that, if considered, can help you hire the perfect maid:


Skills depend on your demand. First, you need to determine why do you want to hire a maid? IF you are hiring a maid to take care of your newborn child or your parents, you should fancy a maid who has the relevant experience. You should also determine whether the person can cook or not if you want them to help you out in the kitchen.

Nationality and Language

Another thing that you might want to consider before hiring a maid is to determine what languages the person can speak. If they can speak your mother tongue, that will be a plus point if you are hiring them to take care of your parents. You can ask them some specific questions in the interview to determine their language skills.

History of Employment

If you are looking for a maid at cheap rates, you can hire a person that has no experience at all. But you will have to give your time to train them to perform your house chores. If you have enough time to train them, you can try a maid with no experience otherwise choose a maid with relevant experience. That might be expensive but will save you from the hassle of training them.

You should also check the employment history of the person you shortlisted. Determine why they left their previous job? What was the reason? Were they involved in some sort of crime? You can get this information online if you have the work permit number of your maid.

Your policies

Some policies are necessary to be determined by you before hiring any maid for your household assistance. For instance, you must give a day off to your maid every week for her to get some rest. Or if you want her to work on that day as well, you might need to pay her some extra money for that day.

Communicating with your loved ones is an essential part of everybody’s life. You should not ban her mobile phone usage as it would be inhumane to do so. You should give her a specific time for this. It all depends on you. It’s better to construct your employment policies before hiring a maid. If you have already made up your policies, it’s a good idea to discuss them with your employee during the interview.

Before discussing the purpose of tips, examples, and best practice, we must always grasp the basics of redesigning and leading website redesign. Therefore, what is redesigning? And the way it’ll work for us?

A website design accomplishes many things for your business on entirely different levels. It will build your website additional comfortable and altogether pleasing, and improve your promotion as a result. There are some underlying issues to have confidence before you dive in, though. Here are the items you must consider before moving forward with an internet site design. Eight things for website redesign checklist to review before an internet site design.

• Analyze what works and what doesn’t

• Establish clear goals

• Know your users

• Check out the competition

• Review your web site content

• Hit the SEO checkpoints

• Is it responsive & mobile-friendly?

• Evaluate your CMS (content management system)

So, after knowing cool website redesign, we can currently see some tips for redesigning, and here we go:

• Lower Page Loading Time

• Include an online Animation

• Don’t ignore SEO

• Add Even additional optimization

• Social Media Links

• Colors & Typography

• Progressive net Apps (PWA)

• Make Constant enhancements

Examples are often like:

• Deposit photos

• Yellow pages

• Blink sale

• Plaxo etc.

 For best practice, we have an option for utterly different practice websites like Web site design best practices, and here we tend to go:

Preserve Your web site Assets.

Any good website design strategy begins with the protection of your web site resources. What’s moving on for you now? What are your main entry and conversion pages, which websites are ranked on Google’s main page for and for what keywords? What ratio of inbound links does one have, and what sites do they advise? If you’re not already tuned to these features, you’ll be able to get this understanding from Google Analytics to your website.

Design for Your Audience

The key to your web site success and achieving your web site goals is coming up with your web site together with your target user in mind. It’s extraordinarily necessary to grasp your user expectations and behaviors once they arrive on your web site furthermore because the queries, they have answers to.

Ensure whole Consistency

Maintaining complete CConsistency may be an essential element of the web site design method, and a focus should be paid to this. Consistency includes managing your critical identity and message across all channels and promoting your website so that your business is immediately recognizable across all promotional channels, including social media, email, print, TV.

Optimize Your Website

Whether you’re trying to rank on search engines for your keywords or not, it’s necessary to confirm that the technical aspects of your web site are optimized and to be precise.

Test for Usability

Usability testing takes into consideration however straightforward it’s for users to navigate and move together with your website; whether or not the content is clean enough for the typical user to grasp and interpret, furthermore as if the location is straightforward to access across browsers and devices. Use Google’s Tool check your website usability score and recommendations to improve them.

Build a blog if you continue to haven’t

A blog is one amongst the simplest and most cost-effective ways in which to practice a redesigning website thoroughly.

The happy season is around the corner, and the summer of 2019 is approaching its annual closing. Although it’s not time to show off the air conditioners, but if you want one, best aircon repair services it’s probably the most efficient time to buy a contemporary AC.

The AC value in the Asian nation varies from 40 000 to 100 000 and above. To be sure, the value varies due to the kind of cooling temperature that the company has set up for each cooling scheme, so that everyone searches for the cooling scheme themselves. However, it is advisable to decide on the correct AC for your home with a wide range of designs available. Choosing associate AC at the correct price is difficult, keeping in mind the size of your area as well as the climate in your region. You don’t need to end with Associate AC, which is therefore too small to run cool or too huge to get rid of the wet out of your area fully. This guidance document can help you choose the most affordable AC for your home.

So, allow us to see that is the best AC service company for you to shop while living in an Asian country. Here we tend to go:

•       KENWOOD

•       DAWLANCE.


•       SAMSUNG

•       GREE

•       PEL and

•       Haier

But the issue still remains the same as what area unit the guidelines connected with? what tends to a cooling system service business? There are a few considerations that we should always maintain in mind while choosing an air conditioner for your home and that are:

Capacity of the AC:

The AC capacity should be taken into account during the purchase. But it was a hundred and forty sq for every single region. Ft., AC of one ton can normally be reasonably sensitive which is one hundred and forty square meters. Ft. to the area of one hundred and eighty area units, 1.5-ton AC is required, while the area of two tons AC, larger than that, is required.

Energy Efficiency:

With redoubled electricity prices, you would like to purchase the associated AC that can offer you the greatest refreshment and also the least energy. Much hastily the rating of the BEE star is associated with AC, the less electricity it consumes. The 1.2-ton AC Hitachi five-star split is one of the most inexpensive ACs you’ll notice with the highest energy output.

Split or Window AC?

Windows will become cheaper than split air-con, but is therefore not quiet or incredibly attractive. Window Units Area Unit less complicated to put into once split ACs give greater air distribution.

Depending on your wishes, you need to choose the correct one. You must choose the one that has the automotive climate, the speed of the fan, the secure power of the car and the automatic reboot and could work at temperatures of up to fifty-two ° Anders Celsius. so it is totally up to you which you will choose

Cooling Speed:

Two fans and a variable-rate unit provided with an air conditioner with the adjustable thermostat at distinct times of the day. You’re going to use less power, that indicates varied predefined settings will help you cool faster while saving a lot of energy.

In the latest years, online dating is certainly a phenomenon. A tremendous number of individuals are seizing this chance to encounter fresh and interesting individuals all over the globe. Of course, some setbacks are also to be regarded, but most of them are strongly linked to the distant type of communication.  ChatIB is a free chat service in a pleasant setting that connects single men and women. To name just a few, you can chat with people from the U.S., UK, Canada, and Australia. You have the choice of participating in various chatrooms and discussion groups or one-on-one environments for an immediate chat. ChatIB is more a website than a brand–it doesn’t even have a logo of its own. By studying the blog posts you can get a particular sense of what ChatIB is all about–but apart from that, there is very little insight into the business itself and who / what is behind it.

You will want to speak to distinct individuals at some stage in your lives and maybe discover someone who can fulfill your wishes. If you believe you are fulfilling those parameters, Chatib is for you. It’s a nice dating app not only because it’s safe, but also because you can love speaking to distinct individuals all over the globe through various chatrooms and there’s no membership required if you want to participate. Not only can you enter other chatrooms, but you can also develop your own and become the greatest of all.


Chatib is a dating service where after you join you have two alternatives–you can either sign up with an account or log in without registering. You can mingle with individuals all over the globe through the magic of Chatib, which is wonderful because you get to encounter and connect with individuals with distinct backgrounds. If you’re looking for fresh buddies or even romantic meetings, this app is ideal. What you have to keep in mind is that you can’t use obscene language and those who don’t respect these conditions will have their account revoked without any chance of retrieving it later. Be conscious of what you are typing.

ChatIB: How to register on

You can login in without registering with ChatIB, so it is fast and simple to get started. Just provide a username, ethnicity, age, residence nation, and residence town. That’s it! The method of captcha is just a fast tick box to demonstrate that you’re not a robot.

ChatIB Chatting Guide:

One of Chatib’s greatest stuff to chat about is that you can develop your chat room that brings stuff to a different stage. You can build a chat room where you can talk to other customers about your favorite topics that share your interests. Do we have to note that it is 100% free to open a chat space? This is especially great for users who don’t want to pay any cash and still have the liberty to appreciate a website’s finest characteristics.

ChatIB User Interface:

When it goes to any website, everyone understands how essential the layout is, not just dating people. That’s why we’re happy to say Chatib has a straightforward yet plain interface that’s chic at the same moment. There are no user-confusing aspects and everything is simple to read and intuitive. Unfortunately, great responsibility comes with great design, meaning that even though the website is simple, loading can still take ages or sometimes not even loading at all. Another problem that is disturbing many customers is that it will soon vanish when consumers press a message. This can be frustrating if you try to have a correct discussion, but every post you receive continues to be deleted.

ChatIB User Experience:

The layout of the site is a bit cluttered but comparatively simple to navigate once you get used to it. The color system does not assist–it is not the finest option for the turquoise-like green. It’s simple enough to chat with individuals–with everything shown and signposted. For us, however, there is a serious lack of conversation quality at ChatIB –particularly in group chat rooms. The group chats can become a little boring as the primary idea is based on one-on-one chat.

Lack of features in the Chatroom:

Having exciting characteristics in dating websites is a make or break. They can take loads of customers or abandon them. Unlike other chat-based dating websites, you’ll be amazed to learn that Chatib has no unique characteristics that render it distinct from the most fundamental chatting pages. We would love to have an alternative whereby incorporating widgets or an opportunity to use emojis we could create our profile more enjoyable.

ChatIB is a simplistic chat service that makes it possible for individuals from all over the globe to link and become mates. If you’re fortunate, maybe even more! Overall, despite the front page appearing a little cluttered when you first load up, the internet is quite simple to use and navigate. In our view, the color arrangement is ghastly! Fortunately, this does not influence the flow/travel of the customer as much as some other terrible color designs. We don’t have a lot to complain about with ChatIB in particular. However, on the other side, we have not much to scream about either! That’s what we’d call a chat service’ middle of the street.’ It’s not doing anything too amazing, nor is it doing too much wrong. There is a serious lack of customer service and there are not many other characteristics, components, bells or whistles to perform with. However, this is about as good as it gets–which for a chat service is not the end of the globe.

The worst aspect about Chatib is the reality that at any moment there are few internet customers and chat rooms tend to have 15-25 individuals online for the most portion. That’s quite unfortunate because after a long time, individuals will react and that’s not the experience we’re searching for. Another thing that does not make Chatib so good is the lack of unique characteristics that will be a good complement and will surely take more customers.