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Ten years ago, tips to study and for effective learning sounded like this: “Turn off your computer and phone, take your books, read, write and learn”. Today, technology has become even more influential in our lives, and it isn’t very reasonable to shut it off.  Information appears online faster than in books, and digitized sources are becoming more useful and interactive, rather than just entertaining or tedious. Who would assume that student work is easily provided by specialists of such sites as cheappaperwriting, and grammar can be checked by a free Hemingway app?

Android and iOS apps are one option for such knowledge sources. Experts of assignment help website made a selection of the best such products for studying. On this website, you can get assignment help or help with homework. The service team has tremendous experience in this field, so they know exactly what they are talking about when they talk about studying.

Your University or School App

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This is the very first thing to be installed after admission. Even before you start thinking about how to solve the algebra problem, where to find assistance with your studies and how to make an order at, find out if your school and university have the app and download it. It’s usually a convenient way to find out all the news.

Cite This For Me

There is a site with this name, and this site also has an application. This tool automatically generates the bibliography according to the specified format (Chicago, Harvard, etc.).

Oxford Dictionary of English

This extensive digitally dictionary will help you improve your English for free. It is useless for math problems, but you can use it to write essays.


It is an interactive library with courses for graduate or professional examinations on a massive number of topics. The application includes hundreds of practice questions and answers, cards, in-app purchases, and over 600 lessons.

Google Drive

Most likely, you already have this application, but it will become indispensable during your studies. Especially during teamwork, because you can work with files together with your classmates.

Wolfram Alpha

This application does a great job with computing tasks. You can use it not only in mathematics but also in physics, programming, and chemistry.


iStudiezPro keeps track of all your deadlines, scores, and more from all Macs. All you need to do is enter your schedule in the app. iStudiezPro comes with Cloud support and built-in iCal.


This is an application to synchronize all your study files. Save text, pictures, and notes and always have access to them. Especially useful for those who keep forgetting their homework at home.

Dragon Dictation

An application to which the text can be dictated. The built-in program recognizes sounds well and translates them into letters, so you can even try to print a lecture outline with it.


One of the best reading programs, through which it is convenient to open text documents. With the PDF plugin, you can open almost any format via FBReader.


This is your planning helper. There’s so much to do in high school and college. In addition to studying, you need to think about personal problems, additional tasks, time to go to work, babysitting (and some even have their own kids), etc. In this app, you can write it all down.

My Study Life


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This is your digital helping center. You can use it to organize all your tasks and exams. You can also synchronize your files between all your devices. An essential advantage that, unlike other services and websites, it works even offline.


Video communication is becoming more and more popular. And Skype has been replaced by a more comfortable Zoom.  It’s an app you can use both when you study and when you just live your life. Call your friends, classmates, and even your tutor. Even tutoring is possible with Zoom.

That’s the whole selection for today. But if you need not just ehelp or tutorial consultation, but a specific solution to a studying problem, do not look for different dubious sites and apps, leave an order at The service team will find you the best solver who can do any task, from a simple essay to complex theses. If you have any difficulties with the site, please contact the helpline.

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