Amazing 3rd Anniversary Gifts For Her That She Will Truly Love

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The third anniversary is a big deal. You have made it through the honeymoon period of the first year and you have shown that you are able to work through and communicate any issues and problems. Most marriages fail within the first two years, so now for your third one, you can start thinking about bigger and better anniversary gifts. Traditionally, for the third year, leather is the material of choice, but there are also more amazing options out there. If you aren’t sure where to start don’t worry, we’re here to help. Here are some amazing 3 year anniversary gift ideas for her, that won’t break the bank but will make you look good. 

A Photo Album

Do you remember sitting at your parents’ home and looking at old photos of you and your parents when they were young and asking questions about them? Most people do and it is often a memory that is filled with joy laughing at how awful people used to look and asking questions like why you wore those glasses. A photo album need not be a thing of the past and if you have had some of your wedding photos put up and framed, you may feel as though the best day has been and gone. By putting photos from after your wedding in the album, you can show your spouse that you love the life you have created together, and you can also share this with others. You can do this easily and affordably and we’re certain that she will love it. 

A City Break

Chances are you haven’t really had any meaningful time off since the wedding and you are longing for a well-deserved rest and some quality time together. If you can’t take a week or two off to relive your honeymoon three years on, why not take a short city break? These can be done in your home country or abroad and are relatively inexpensive. You can spend some well needed time together in a new city where you can explore. Don’t worry, as it is a city break you won’t be setting the bar too high that you won’t be able to do something similar the next year. 

Go Classic

The traditional three-year anniversary gift is leather. So if you want to make it as personal and as traditional as you can, why not go the same route as your parents and their parents before them. Thankfully, you will have far more options than they would have done. You can now get a variety of products that you can personalize to make really special, don’t worry you don’t have to buy her a belt! Leather key tags are in vogue at the moment. They can be embossed with your wedding date, initials or even the co-ordinates of your special day or where you met. There really are no ends to what you can have done. If key chains aren’t your thing, then why not look at a leather bracelet, this may not be to everyone’s taste, but if you have a wife that wants to keep it traditional, then maybe she just might love it. 

A Constellation Map

You can now get constellation maps of important dates and times. The image that is printed is exactly what would have been on your first date or your wedding have you had looked up and taken a phot. They are beautifully framed and really show how much you prevaricate someone when you are able to map the stars. Not only do they come already framed, they are big enough to be a show piece at home. Their large size means your wife will be excited when she sees the size of the package you are bringing through to her and chances are it will then take pride of place in your home, so that everyone can see it. 

Final Thoughts

Traditionally, the third-year anniversary means that you buy your partner a leather gift. Thankfully, we live in a world where you have more options of leather goods and conversationalist than ever before, so you don’t need to worry about buying your wife a belt, which chances are, she won’t be enamored with. You can look for key tags where you can have your special dates or even coordinates where you met. If these ideas don’t tickle your fancy then you could look to produce your very own photo album, it will bring not only you, but everyone else you show it to joy and happiness as you will be sharing how happy you make one another. Buying anniversary gifts, especially for the third year shouldn’t be stressful and certainly shouldn’t break the bank. As long as you put thought into it, that is what matters and that is what will count. 


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