A Geek’s Guide to Having Fun in Austin, TX

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The Texas capital, Austin is famous for its music scene and barbecue, but it’s also a place where a geek will find plenty to do. Keep in mind that these days, being a “geek” can just as easily mean being an “enthusiast” as a bespectacled person with a passion for Dungeons and Dragons or “Star Trek.”

Both “geeks” who live in the city after buying one of the Austin houses for sale and those who are visiting will find plenty of opportunities for fun here. 

Fulfill Your Bat Obsession at the Congress Avenue Bridge

You’ll find North America’s largest urban bat colony at the Congress Avenue Bridge. This is where some 1.5 million bats can be found between March and October, munching on 10,0000 to 20,000 pounds of insects every night. They return in March every year to give birth and raise their pups, sticking around for seven months until it all begins again. The best time to see them is around late August and early September as that’s when babies join their mothers in flight.

Visitors who want to witness the spectacle of the countless bats emerging from beneath the bridge will want to come at least 30 minutes before sunset. Standing on the bridge generally provides the best vantage point, but it’s also possible to rent a boat and watch from the water.

Tour the Texas State Capitol Building

Those who geek out over politics and history, or anyone who just wants to enjoy a great view, should visit the Texas State Capitol Building. It’s located on a hill providing a scenic view of downtown and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The building itself is an exceptional example of late 19th-century public architecture; in fact, many consider it to be one of the country’s most distinguished.

A pink-hued granite landmark, much of it, including the governor’s receiving room and the chamber of the Hall of Representatives still looks like it did when it opened more than 130 years ago in 1888. The grounds cover 22 acres dotted with 17 monuments and historical buildings. Both self-guided and guided tours are available. If you want to tour on your own, there are free brochures available at the Capitol north entry as well as the Capitol Information and Guide Service.

Austin Toy Museum

If you want to relive your youth by checking out some nostalgic toys, the Austin Toy Museum is the place to do it. It’s the only space of its kind in the city, dedicated to displays of figurines and toys, comic books, arcade games, and more from the “golden age” of the 1980s, with over 20,000 pieces in its collection.

There are even some dating all the way back to the early 1900s, including rare and unique items like prototypes of action figures that were given to the museum by some of the people who used to work at the toy companies. 

The Museum of Weird

Those who geek out over the weird and wacky will find plenty at this bizarre museum. It includes everything from a lifesize Frankenstein to shrunken heads.

It’s located at the back of the Lucky Lizard store which serves as the museum’s gift shop. One of the most popular exhibits is the Iceman, a bigfoot-like beast, along with carnival sideshow-type attractions like a Cyclops pig, two-headed calf, and a two-headed chicken

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