9 Tips That Will Ensure Business Cybersecurity and Enhance Your Productivity in 2020

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Productivity is the key to success. Regardless of whether you are conducting a business, working for one employer or freelancing, you will find that productivity plays an essential role in the ultimate success of your work. However, when we think about productivity, we don’t think about the importance of digital or cybersecurity.

Cybersecurity enables you to increase productivity in a number of different ways — both in individual work and in enterprises and organizations. Taking care for cybersecurity with a purpose to increase productivity, you protect both your work and yourself — this is a no-lose situation!

Here are 9 tips you can use to boost cybersecurity and increase productivity.

  1. Reducing security breaches and attacks

It’s as plain as can be. The fewer security breaches you have, the less time you will have to spend on troubleshooting later.

Of course, it will take some time to establish security, in fact, in the long run, you will save time (on top of this, this will prevent you from unnecessary headaches!) if you provide protection from hacking or attacks. Otherwise, this time would be spent not only on implementing a security strategy, but also on cleaning systems or its components that are broken or damaged during the attack.

At that, a possible saving in productivity relates not only to the reparation and implementation of solutions: if the public finds out about a hacking or security breach, the business will lose clients. And this means that you have to spend additional time on the missing income generation or growing a customer base. You can avoid it by initially devoting time and resources to a good security system.

  1. Security Automation

Today, most online businesses and organizations require a certain level of security, which should be maintained on a daily basis. Security automation can save your time greatly. In the case of productivity, even a small but regular time saving is important.

One example of business security automation is the installation of keypad or RFID reader for access to the office building or various departments within it. If you or another employee needs to enter the office out of hours, you can quickly and easily get secure access to the complement, and this does not require someone to let you go inside. This can be crucial during emergencies in business. Such access not only saves time, but also ensures the safety of those who enter the building.

  1. Safety reduces stress

It is quite obvious that people are more productive if they are less stressed. That’s why another huge advantage of cybersecurity is that it helps reduce the level of anxiety among you and your employees.

Implementation of strict security standards, such as virus scanning, automatic backups, or automatic computer locks can reduce stress and save the time for your employees which they need for performing these tasks. If we talk about productivity, then you can kill two birds with one stone: to ensure employees peace of mind and to save their time on tasks that otherwise would be performed weekly or monthly.

  1. Update Security Policy

A smart cybersecurity policy requires sustaining efforts. Part of these efforts shall be to keep the constant safety of tasks. For this purpose, it is very convenient to set reminders and repetitions in the calendar or in the application for to-do lists.

Would you like to change passwords every three months? Set a recurring task in Nozbe or a reminder on Google Calendar. This will not only help you to maintain the security that we mentioned earlier, but also allow you to manage security projects without thinking about what else you need to do. Each time, when you save energy, you create a huge increase in productivity, which will increase in the class of time.

  1. Internet access monitoring

It’s no secret that due to employees spending time on social networks and reading news sites, productivity is greatly reduced. You can change it by adding restrictions to the working network that will block access to certain websites. This will save time and allow employees to channel their energy properly.

The same method will be useful for managers, since they no longer have to spend time controlling employees — now they will work, rather than goofing around on Facebook.

These advantages extend not only to the technical business. A recent study covered by FastCompany showed that restaurants that have implemented Internet monitoring have increased their monthly income by almost $ 3,000. Taking into consideration that restaurants are a low margin business, imagine the benefits that other types of businesses can get.

  1. Use VPN

Work in business around the world is increasingly becoming remote and widely decentralized. A VPN, or Virtual Private Network , can be a great tool for letting employees work from home. In fact, a VPN extends your business network beyond the office.

This allows employees to work more flexibly being at home, even if an emergency occurs at the working place.

A VPN can also allow interested third parties, such as clients or investors, to get secure access to files and documents on the Internet. This strategy also helps to avoid problems with legal and privacy issues often encountered when sending files by e-mail.

  1. Don’t do everything yourself

Many business owners are used to do everything on their own. This can lead to a huge decrease in productivity when it comes to IT and cybersecurity. This does not mean that the CEO or the owner of the business cannot provide a reliable security policy on his own. But more often it happens that business owners waste time on things, which could be done better and faster by a professional.

It is also true of routine safety services, even without considering the frequent changes in this industry. Only true professionals can be in step with the time in issues of safety standards. So the best tactic for productivity may be hiring a specialist who will carry out implementation of information security protocols in business.

  1. Use automatic backup copies

Using automatic backups is one of the best ways to ensure the security and productivity that a person or company is able to do. Imagine how much time will be needed to recover files lost due to an employee error, intruders, or because of hardware failure.

Not only important files may disappear. You must also take into account the amount of time it will take to replace them. The automatic backup solution not only ensures the information security, but also helps you to avoid file corruption in case hackers gain access to your network.

  1. User virtualization

Just like in the case of VPNs, virtualization allows you to remotely connect to your desktop.

But there is one huge advantage of virtualization over VPN: the actual machine you are connected to is isolated from other machines and can be erased or reprovisioned at any time. That in the event of hacking or security breach, the rest of the team or company can continue to work in the ordinary class.


This is not immediately noticeable, but a reliable security system for sure can increase productivity. After all, if you take into account the time and money lost in the event of a breach, it becomes obvious that the introduction of reliable security protocols improves business efficiency in the long run.


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