7 Flabbergasting Facts About Vaping That You Need To Know!

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Vaping has gained considerable popularity over the years. It’s almost impossible to believe that what began as an alternative to traditional nicotine delivery systems has evolved into a lifestyle. 

Celebrities have played a huge role in popularizing vaping culture. Numerous actors and musicians have been photographed happily billowing massive clouds of vapor during red carpet events. With the growing number of celebrity vapers and the continued innovation of new vape devices, it’s logical to predict that the vaping industry is headed for better days ahead. 

But as you might already know, there are various things to learn before joining in on the vaping craze. In this post, we unpack the seven surprising facts about vaping that you probably didn’t know. 

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  1. Vape Devices Are Units Comprising Various Parts

The anatomy of a vaporizer consists of the following parts;

  1. Vape Tank

A vape tank is the reservoir tank that holds your e-juice in place. The design of most vape devices is such that the tank sits at the bottom of the device. 

When choosing a vaporizer based on its tank, it’s best to consider tanks made of grade-1 titanium. Titanium is preferred due to its corrosion-resistance properties.

  1. Battery

A vape battery is simply the device that powers a vaporizer.

  1. Vape Coils

Vape coils are the components that transfer heat from the battery to the vaping material in the tank, usually using a wicking system. Vape coils come in all manner of shapes and sizes. 

But the best vape coils are generally those made of Kanthal or Nichrome. Experts recommend these metal alloys due to their high resistance and excellent heat conductivity.

  1. Drip Tip

Also known as a mouthpiece, a vaporizer’s drip tip is the part that you suck from to draw vapor into your mouth. Like vape coils, drip tips are available in various materials, including glass, metal, plastic, ceramic, rubber, and even wood. 

Glass and ceramic make the best mouthpiece materials. That’s due to their poor heat conductivity and ease of cleaning. 

  1. Not All Vaporizers Are Equal

There are tons of vape devices out there. New vapers should start with entry-level gadgets known as cigalikes.  

Cigalikes are the most basic and affordable vaporizers on the market. They’re easy to use and usually come pre-filled with e-juice. 

Once you’re well-acquainted with cigalikes, you can experiment with later-generation vape devices like vape pens, vape mods, and box mods. 

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  1. Vaping Requires Some Learning Curve 

The fact that vape devices contain different components means you’ll need to learn how to assemble these pieces. 

Note that many vaporizers come pre-assembled. But even for such products, it’s still important to know which part goes where. That’s because you may need to replace specific components as opposed to purchasing a complete unit. 

It’s also important to know how to use the device. 

For first-time vapers, the vaping process typically unfolds as follows;

  1. Assemble the parts following the manufacturer’s manual.
  2. Turn on the device before administering vape juice into the tank, then take a few draws by sucking from the mouthpiece.

This helps to clear the tank of any harmful chemical residues

  1. Turn the vaporizer off and administer your vape juice into the tank.
  2. Turn the device back on and enjoy your vaping experience.
  1. Vaping Doesn’t Involve Combustion

The word ‘vaping’ comes from the root word ‘vapor.’ Instead of combustion, vape devices work through vaporization. 

When you turn on a vaporizer, the heat generated heats the e-juice in the vape tank directly or indirectly using wicking materials. 

The vape juice turns into vapor, which you can readily inhale by drawing air from the drip tip.  

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  1. Vaping Can Get You High Or Not

Whether you’ll become intoxicated from vaping pretty much comes down to the compounds you’re inhaling. 

Generally, you’ll get high if you’re vaping psychedelic compounds like tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and psilocin mushrooms. 

You can predict the overall effects of a vape material by reading the ingredients list. Since many psychedelic compounds are illegal, any vape product containing these substances will usually have notes and cautions.

  1. The Industry Is Big

According to Grand View Research, the vaping industry was valued at USD 15.04 billion in 2020. The same findings suggest that the sector may grow at a CAGR of 28.1% from 2021 to 2028. 

This impressive growth rate is attributed to the growing emphasis on embracing vaping as a better alternative to traditional nicotine delivery methods.

  1. Vaping Laws Vary Globally

Last but not least, it’s worth noting that vaping laws vary from one country to another. 

In certain countries, it’s illegal to own a vape device or any of its attachments. Other countries emphasize specific vape materials. 

For instance, the sale of vaping products is allowed in Brazil. However, cannabis remains illegal and criminalized in the country. The implication is that you may possess a vaporizer but cannot use it to vape cannabis-based extracts.

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Wrap Up

If you’ve been toying with the idea of becoming a vaper but didn’t exactly know where to start, we hope you can take the plunge after reading this article. Just remember to vape in moderation. 

Most importantly, establish the vaping laws in your jurisdiction before acquiring or using any vape device to avoid getting into trouble with law enforcement authorities.


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