5 Mistakes to Avoid at All Cost When Borrowing Money for Your Small Business

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Raising enough capital is one of the requirements that an entrepreneur needs to have when establishing a new business. You also need more funds to expand your business by putting a new branch in a different location. 

However, it’ll be hard for you to start a new one or expand the business you already have if you have no money at hand. In fact, it’s one of the reasons for most people to give up their dreams of having their own business. 

Moreover, today, you can find various lending companies and financial institutions in your area that offer secure online loans and are ready to help you with your financial struggles. Just make sure that you represent yourself as a solid and strong business package with fantastic business ideas and entrepreneurial background. 

However, many business owners miss out on their loan opportunities because most of them don’t have enough knowledge about loan applications. Besides that, when their loans get approved, they sometimes mismanage their borrowed money and end up losing it. Hence, to significantly help you get the most out of your loan, please avoid these five common mistakes below at all costs.

Incorrect Type of Business Loan

There are different types of loans for business owners. Each one has various strengths and weaknesses, and the right one for you will depend on what you need it for and when you need to use the money. 

For example, if you want to build a business or expand what you currently have, you can apply for term loans if you need the funds as soon as possible. But if you’re still planning your business and don’t have an exact date yet to start, applying for SBA or Small Business Administration loans may be your perfect option. 

Hence, always apply for the best loan that suits your need to avoid any consequences in the future. 

Not Updating the Financial Records

One of the common mistakes that most business owners commit is not spending enough time updating their financial records when they apply for a loan. 

All banks and other lending companies need those data and documents to see the stability of your business before they can trust you and risk their money investing in it. It’ll also help these lenders be aware of your capability to repay them in the future. 

If you want to get your loan application approved, you have to provide the updated version of your business’s financial records. 

However, others end up manipulating their data and information to submit upon loan application. When these banks and lending companies do their verification and investigation processes and find out the inconsistency and misinformation in your documents presented, they’ll surely deny your loan application right away. 

Therefore, when you own and run a business, always make sure to update your financial records so that you’ll never have problems in the future if you plan to apply for a loan whenever you need it. 

Paying Your Business Loan Too Fast

Paying your loan in full too fast is a good practice because as a business owner, one of your primary goals is to reduce your debts. However, doing it so quickly may cost you and your business a fortune. It’s because as you aim for paying off your debt obligations faster than what’s required by your lender may leave you short of funds. 

What other business owners usually do is use the extra money for investing in various projects in the business, instead of utilizing it to pay the loan in advance. 

However, if you’re earning so much income from your business and you’re also getting savings from paying off your debt, doing it will be a perfect idea. Consider following the due date of your payment as stipulated on the terms when you applied for it. Then, make use of your extra funds to help your business boost the profit and revenue it generates every month. 

Applying For a Loan More Than What You Need 

Borrowing extra funds can be tempting, especially if you have tons of exciting things in mind for your business. It could be buying new tables and chairs to make your store or shop look better or having a plan to renovate it even though you’ve just started your business and haven’t gotten your return of investment yet. It’s a good idea, though, but it’s not a wise decision to make. 

Hence, you have to make sure you process a particular loan with the amount you currently need for your business. Besides that, you also have to consider your capability of paying it back in the future. So if you’re not earning large profits yet, it’ll surely not be realistic to borrow extra funds more than what you need.

Applying For a Loan From a Wrong Lender

If you own and run a business, you have different options where you can apply for a business loan. You can have the traditional sources, like the credit unions, nearest banking institutions in your area, and other popular lending companies. 

Besides that, if you search on the internet, you can also find different crowdfunding websites that offer loans for business owners like you. 

However, you have to spend time looking for the best source for your loan to avoid getting involved with the wrong lenders. In addition, searching for the lower interest rate and the best terms are some of the important things you need to keep in mind during your search. 


As you make your business expand and grow, borrowing funds may seem inevitable. It could be for building a new branch in a different location, renovating and upgrading the existing one that you have, or even venturing into a new line of business. 

Hence, to avoid committing mistakes in borrowing funds from lending companies or financial institutions, it’s vital to have enough knowledge and skills on how to manage your money wisely and efficiently. 

Besides that, always remember all things discussed above because they will also help you make informed decisions when you plan to apply for a loan for your business in the future. 


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