3 Tips to Keep your Device Clean from Malware

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We are living in truly chaotic times, when we have to think about our wellbeing and safety of our loved ones, IT security comes to the background. We highly encourage our readers to be cautious, do their best to stay at home, and assure our closed ones are not exposed, help others who are less fortunate if possible, and never forget about computer security. We are here not only to give you a hint to pick up the best free antivirus for PC but give overall advice that might seem obvious yet still helpful to keep your PC safe from malware. 

So here we are, helping to flatten the curve and working remotely. Everything is now concentrated in one working station, from watching the favorite TV show to dealing with everyday tasks. Let’s see what steps need to be taken to avoid unwanted malware or virus infection, especially when you deal with so much data daily. 

Keep Your Antivirus and System Updated


You have an antivirus question all figured out? It’s great! Stay safe with updating it on time. 

If you haven’t decided yet what antivirus option is the best for you, do a little research and make up your mind. The rest will rely on the software that is designed to protect your data from malware, stealth or destruction. 

We might emphasize that your system also requires regular checks and updates. Although it might seem bothersome, it is better not to skip daily reminders to click that button. Everything is a matter of several minutes that doesn’t demand any additional attention or effort. 

You may also consider cleaning up your system from time to time. It is always good to check what programs are used the most and what are just slowing your computer down. Regardless of your system version, the abundance of programs that have no use might be overwhelming to manage later.

Keep Your Network Secure 

Network security means not only the VPN encryption and firewall feature of your antivirus of choice but also a strong password and secured Wi-Fi connection. Many specialists also suggest hiding your SSID, the name of your Wi-Fi, which will decrease the chance of hackers to find you. WPA or WPA2 encryption is a nice measure that still needs additional layers of security. 

Usually, these aspects are manageable within the settings of the network. However, when you get the good antivirus suite, it comes with a password manager that creates unique and hard to decode passwords, password storage, VPN, and firewall encryptions, which provide you with the best shield from unwanted intrusions and malware. 

Even if you are using your network, add some extra hula hoops for hackers. The same rule applies when you are connecting to the unknown or untrusted network. Better safe than sorry, so you would need a VPN and firewall. 

Keep Your Eye on Those Emails 


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Right now, it is crucial to pay more attention to a load of emails you are getting. Most of them might be associated with your work or your orders for goods, or any other matter that is now on point, especially when you have to keep a social distance. It is easy to lose track of incoming and sent messages. 

Therefore, it requires not only the high-quality software that will track malicious links and codes in the attachments of the email but your attentiveness. It will be a right moment to pause before opening the link, to double-check who is a sender, what is the letter’s message, and overall to take a break from a maybe increased workload. 


Overall, a high-quality antivirus solution will help you with all those tasks. All you need is to keep calm and be attentive. Don’t let the panic carry you away, and you will be just fine.

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