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Date Published: 2020-04-15
Published by: Bedoper.com

123Movies allows you to stream movies for free. It’s a weekend, time to kick back and relax. The only best way to do that is by movie binging. In this day and age, a number of people are turning to stream sites like 123movies.us more than they do to cable television. Step by step guide to unblocking 123movies with the links provided by BeDoper.

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123 Movies Websites List How to Download and Use 123movies App How to download 123movies on PC and Phone Benefits Of 123Movies 2019-2020 What Happened To 123 Movies Website? How To Unblocked 123Movies Is 123Movies Safe? Sites List

123 Movies Websites List:

123movies or movies 123 is a free movie streaming website All movies on 123movies website are pirated and illegal to stream (Using any ) These are some manually test working websites of 123Movies:

Hence, they are no need for you to rummage through your old collection of DVDs or look for money to go to the movie house. When you can simply just stream it online. A whole lot of collection for free for that matter. 123 Movies go is that one online movie/series website that enables you to just sit back, relax, watch and enjoy movies/ series in harmony in the comfort of your own home. Basically, it is the best way to spend the weekend. With just a few clicks, you will be able to find movies or series of your choice.

How to Download and Use 123movies App

123movies app is the recommended app for if you’re a hardcore movie lover. It is a free app that is compatible with Android, IOS, PC, and Mac. Unlike other movie apps that provide you with a 1-month free trial and then the payment for further usage, the 123movies app is different. More so, some movie apps require that you pay individually for each movie. However, you can watch any movie, TV shows, and so on by directly downloading this app, even though it requires a fast internet connection. Nonetheless, you will get access to all your favorite movies for free from this app. The app has a lot of population amongst viewers as it is up to date since it was introduced. Even more, you don’t have to wait in a long queue for movie tickets. You can always watch what you want anytime and at the comfort of your home as long as there’s internet or WiFi connection. The app comes in different languages for easy understanding. This includes Japanese, Portuguese, English, Chinese, Italian, Thai, and so much more.

How to download the 123movies on PC and Phone

If you have a PC and wish to download the 123movies app, there is a need to install an Android Emulator like Xeplayer. With a Xeplayer, you can easily access and download 123movies app for PC version on your Windows 7,8,10, and another model of laptops.

Below are steps you can use to play the 123movies app on your laptop, PC, and windows:

The 123movies app has a lot of features as it seeks to entertain you with movies and TV shows during your leisure time. Furthermore, the app is also compatible with Android phones. Below are the easy steps to follow when downloading the 123movies app on your device or Android phone:

The wait is OVER, WATCH NOW 123Movies for FREE

123-Movies free or movies 123 is an online streaming movie or series website for movie-lovers. It has a number of domain names like GoMovies123 and 123movies4u. 123-Movies to a new site is GoStream.site. It is the hub of entertainment. Basically, this is one of the most popular online series and movie streaming sites. 123 Movies is one site that has everything you need. This is due to the fact that they have a massive collection of TV series and movies for viewers to select from. Their collection consists of all genres of movies and series. 123Movies to the streaming site is a guru when it comes to movies and series. They know what their viewers want and they endeavor to provide that. This website’s sole purpose is to offer movie lovers from all over the world with entertainment, convenience, more choice and of course more movies.

Benefits Of 123Movies 2019-2020

123movies free never charge anything. You don’t have to pay a dime to stream the movies or series in gomovies on 123movies. Enjoy movies in the comfort of your own home Watch your favorite movie or series on either your tablet, PC or smartphone with no hassle at all. Easy to use, fast and reliable. With just a few clicks you would have found your movie or series. It ensures that you never miss out on the latest trending entertainment. It offers the best selection of popular movies and TV series only on 123 movies free. There is a 100% guarantee that you will find a movie or series of your choice. You won’t have any difficulties at all trying to find something to watch. All you have to do is type the title of the movie or series on the search bar. You get to stream recent updates from your most popular favorite TV series. This site has it all from old classics to new trending series. There is no need to create an account or log in to have access to the movies. All you have to do is go onto the website, search and select the movies or series you want, then watch and enjoy. If you subscribe and provide an active email address, you will be able to receive notifications and updates about new trending movies.

What Happened To 123 Movies Website?

Just like any other online streaming sites that enable you to watch movies or series without paying a dime, 123Movies or movies 123 to is not legal at all. 123Movies has been hunted down by authorities. What happened to 123-Movies that the original streaming site was forced to shut down. It was shut down by the Motion Picture Association of America. Due to that, many times this website has been forced to change its domain name and hosting providers to GoMovies or GoStream. Just so, they remain active.

Q&A Session On Why 123 Movies Is Down?

However, a number of websites similar to 123Movies have emerged. As a result, it is hard to note the official original site. Basically, when this site is shutdown, 123Movie’s new site is created instantly to replace those that would have been removed. All in all, it has become a movie/series site that allows users to stream pirated movies. The official site is just as illegal as the clone sites.

How To Unblocked 123Movies

123Movies is one of those blocked sites in the United Kingdom. It has been restricted due to court orders. The blocking of 123-Movies has resulted in residents from the UK and other users from all over the world overriding the ISP’s restricted domain. Everyone from anywhere in the world can access 123Movies without any restrictions by just using a passcode. VPNs make it possible for you to access 123 Movies and also unblocks it. There are a number of VPNs or proxy that can be used to make 123-Movies unblocked. All you have to do is download any VPNs, connect to either the Indian or U.S. A server. You get to unblock it from anywhere on the globe. Here is a list of some of the VPNs you can try out;

unblocking 123Movies

  1. CyberGhost VPN – it serves online streamers with PPTP, L2TP/IPSec, OpenVPN, AES 256-BIT and 7 simultaneous connections. It has unlimited bandwidth, strict No-logs policy. Moreover, it has a 7-day free trial and a money-back guarantee. The good part is that you can get a streaming free VPN or proxy from anywhere.
  2. ExpressVPN- another VPN you can use to unblock 123 Movies. It is also supported by protocols like OpenVPN, SSTP, PPTP, and L2TP. It has server switches with unlimited bandwidth, speed, and three multi-logins.
  3. NordVPN –It fulfills all your streaming needs even on Netflix and Hulu. By connecting to NordVPN or proxy you get to enjoy the smart pay feature that gives away a throttle-free streaming and double encryption via double VPN. This VPN takes your streaming very seriously. Hence, they offer lightweight chrome proxy extension.
  4. VPNs or proxy are a must-have. It is the best way to get any streaming website such as 123 Movies unblocked. Plus, it provides strong privacy and quality connectivity.

Is 123Movies Safe and Legal?

This website is absolutely not safe and legal. A number of users have noted that the website spreads viruses and malware on both the website and the mobile application. Apparently, clone sites that look exactly like 123 Movies have been generated just so they can spread malware and viruses. The malware and viruses are basically sent to your PC or Smartphone through JavaScript confined on the site. Furthermore, the content that is streamed on 123 Movies is illegally obtained. Basically, they do not purchase licenses for the content they stream on their website.

Tip: If you do decide to use 123 Movies or movies 123 Please ensure that whatever device that you are using is 100% protected with either a firewall or a quality anti-virus.


One of the best and most popular online streaming website there is. If you want to bring the cinema to your own lounge then this site is for you. It basically has something for everybody. The movies and TV series are sorted into categories and genres. This makes it much easier to find whatever movie or series you would be looking for. The search bar at the top of the page makes it possible and gives you so much freedom to search for what you want at any time. Unlike another website that requires you to register or login to stream on their site. 123 Movies is a free access website that doesn’t require you to create an account or log in. You can use either your PC, tablet or smartphone to stream your series and movies online. Moreover, it has an application for Roku and Kodu device that you can install and use. Considerably the best streaming site. You get to stream the latest trending releases at the comfort of your own home at no cost at all. You get to have a mixture of Hollywood blockbuster and old classic movies from the golden age of cinema all from one website. However, on the other hand, this website is illegal. As a result, you might get sued for piracy. They bypass the law by not hosting the pirated content on their website. Instead, they link the pirated content and stream it from a secure cyberlocker or online source. Another drawback is that your device might get infected and damaged by a virus, ransomware, and malware. Additionally, users have also noted that at times they get pop-up notification messages asking them to send their credit information. This is very risky, as it could result in someone stealing your personal or financial information. Just like other free websites, 123 Movies is part of a network of clone websites. Tip: There is a whole lot of legal free streaming online websites that you can stream your series or movies from. Paying a small monthly subscription fee is much better than streaming from an illegal website and possibly running the risk of your device getting infected and damaged or even getting sued or arrested for piracy. BTW, many people also call and write it as 23movies.

40+ 123 Movies New Alternative Sites [Updated 2020]

There is a lot of alternative sites that stream movies and series online. Here is a list of some of the online streaming sites.

123movies .gdn Active
www7.123movies .as Active
www9.0123movies .com Active
123moviesc .co Active
wvw1.123movies .net Active
123moviesla .com Active
the123movies .in Active
www3.123moviess .net Active
123movies .mx Active
www1.a123movies .net Active
gomovies .ltd Active
www6.123movies .st Active
123movieshub. one/123movies/ Active
ww3.123moviesfull .me Active
123movies .land Active
123moviesback .org Active
123moviesc .to Active
ww1.123-movies .com Active
io123movies .com Active
www1.e123movies .com Active
123movies .net Active
gostream .site Active
c123movies .com Active
123movies4u .cz Active
123moviesofficial .site Active
w1.123movie .cc Active
ww2.123moviesandtv .com Active
123movies. net/cinema-movies.html Active
ww1.123movie .page Active
c123movies .org Active
123movies .gallery Active
123movieshub .com Active
onlinefree .live Active
123movies .ge Active
l23movies .fun Active
123movieshq .org Active
123movies .computer Active
gostream .land Active
123movies .design Active
www1.z123movies .com Active
yesmoviess .to Active
is123movies .site Active
123movieshub .vip Active
123mvi .com Active
123movies4u .vip Active
123movieshub .pe Active
fmoviesc .to Active
123movies .email Active
unblock123movies .com Active
www.123-movies-io. com Active
123onlinemovies .com Active

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Steps to Stream Movies on 123Movies

Go to 123movies.sc Login to the website or register for a new account if you don’t have one Click on the search bar, LOCATION: Top right corner, or the center of the screen Type name of the series you want to watch Hit enter to initiate the search You will get all the episodes list of the series that you are searching to watch, available on HD quality.

In conclusion, if we sideline the fact that 123 Movies sites are illegal and have the potential to corrupt your device. It stands as the best online streaming movie and series site.

Rating of 123Movies from Users

Rating value: 5
Best rating: 4.7
Worst rating: 2.1
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